Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bikers, runners, joggers, walkers, get Mace Muzzle.

Are you a biker, runner, jogger or walker? If you are, we're sure you know about those pesky loose wondering dogs around your workout path. You know the kind; the aggressive dogs that want to dig their teeth into you or the ones that just get in your way! It's hard enough to keep your routine, than to deal with animals like dogs that can be very dangerous or can even kill you.

We assume you are a humane type of person, and don't want to beat the hell out of them or worse yet, shoot them with a gun, like some deranged people have done. No, you want to make the dog realize that they shouldn't get near you, right? We hope so! There's an app for that! No, just kidding! But there is a pepper spray for that! It's called Mace Muzzle pepper spray. If you are a biker, runner, jogger or walker, this is one product you shouldn't be without. Especially if you exercise in a residential area. Even if you aren't working out and just walking your own dog, you still can encounter aggressive loose dogs.

Mace Muzzle is pepper spray for dogs. It's the humane way to deter those four legged, man's best friend, that occasionally get in your way! It is specifically made for dogs. Bikers, you know how dangerous it is to have a dog running around you. Runners, joggers and walkers, also know that they cannot outrun a dog! So be safe and humane, get Mace Muzzle pepper spray.
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