Thursday, July 31, 2014

A College Drill Given To My Niece!

My niece will be attending college as a freshman student this fall. So I took it upon myself to send her a message via Facebook, about what she should be aware of while attending a University.

This is exactly what I sent her (grammar mistakes and all):
"Remember, to take your pepper spray, even if they don't allow it. AND a stun gun! Not sure if we gave you these things... If we did, the pepper spray should be canned, because it's pressure might not be very good anymore. Let me know and we will send you some extra PROTECTION!" And... "PLUS, don't forget, NEVER drink from a punch bowl or a pre-opened container, from a glass or bottle given to you, unless you saw it poured! Date rape drugs are very rampant in college... AND, keep an eye on your drink, this prevents date rape! When walking on campus at night, do it with a friend or request campus police to escort you! SERIOUSLY. This is not to scare you, but to prepare you. Be smart and practice common sense prevention, take the pepper spray or stun gun with you at all times. One more thing, we'll send some Date Rape Test Strips, so you can test drinks given to you from students you don't know well."

Crazy? Maybe the delivery was, but she got the idea and that's what counts… Feel free to copy, paste and send to students going to college! At that young age, they'll ingest the drill and have it in their minds while strolling college campus territory!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Woman Doesn't Carry Perfume In Her Purse?

It's very common for most women to have perfume with them. This is why this DISGUISED WEAPON works so well! It's really a pepper spray unit for self defense!

When women take out a perfume item from their purse, nobody thinks twice about it. That's the wonderful aspect of this unexpected self defense, disguised weapon. It's easy to have in your purse, since it's so small, only 3.5 inches tall! Yet it can take an attacker by surprise with it's reach of 6-7 feet away and 5-6 shots available, of devastating burning pain! As our other units, the Round Perfume Shape Pepper Spray, also has the convenient UV Marking Dye, in case the criminal escapes and is captured by police.

A reliable and effective weapon in deterring attackers, is what this disguised pepper spray for women is all about… Simply take it with you wherever you go for self defense. Ladies, don't be afraid to take it out, because nobody is going to be suspicious of a perfume container! Keep it in your hand when going through places you feel uneasy about!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mace PepperGard With 18 Grams Has More Solution Than Other Defense Sprays

This personal police strength unit is perfect for outdoor activities, such as walking, jogging or running. It's also convenient for women to carry while taking public transportation or if they park their car in a public garage.

Mace spray is no doubt, the most popular brand for us women's self defense around the world. This particular unit called the Mace PepperGard Personal Model also lives up to the brand's dependability to offer personal protection.

The police strength PepperGard Personal Model self defense unit contains 10, one-second burst and can reach a distance of 8-10 feet away! Most other units spray a distance of only 5-7 feet. It has an ergonomic, convenient safety cap that you can flip up with your thumb and press down, to discharge the hot substance! It also includes a belt clip and a convenient key chain, to place your keys and invisible UV Identification Dye.

Women, when using this Mace PepperGard Police self defense unit, always try to spray at an attacker's eyes and face. Plus, there is no reason for us to stick around, just leave the scene immediately and don't look back!

Monday, July 28, 2014

What Kind Of Parent Forgets Their Baby In A Car?

In last Friday's news there was yet another case of a 10 month old baby left in a hot car, by a parent, to die in Wichita's summer heat. The child was picked up from the babysitters and later forgotten in the car for 2 hours!

Photo by jaygooby
Of course we are busy with work, cleaning, paying bills, so on and so forth… But there really is no excuse for children who depend on you, to be forgotten and locked in a car! That in itself is unforgivable, but doing this in the hot summer heat is definitely more than unforgivable, it's a crime!

When people decide to become parents, they have an obligation to raise their child safely and provide for them, until they become adults. There simply is no excuse for letting a baby die in the hot summer heat because you "forgot about the baby". If you are that forgetful, you don't need to be taking care of your own children. There are plenty of good parents out there, that would love to adopt them and protect them from people that are too busy looking out for just themselves!

Statistics show that many children die in hot vehicles every year. In fact more than 36 annually. What kind of society does this to helpless babies?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Many People Say Taser When They Mean Stun Gun, And There Are Differences!

Both are very powerful self defense units that women and men can use to protect themselves from attackers.
Stun guns and Tasers come in many colors, shapes and sizes.
But for some reason, many people confuse the term for 2 different weapons that offer personal protection. Below you will see why they're different and what makes them unique in their own way. The only thing that a Stun Gun and a Taser have in common is that they both use electricity to take a criminal down and that they are non-lethal. If you use either one of them against a person, you won't rot in jail, because of it!

Stun Gun Units (from $17.97)
- Non lethal, lightweight, no kickback
- Need to touch an attacker with it, even works through clothing
- Takes a person down within 2 to 5 sec. (add time w/alcohol or drugs)
- Requires recharging depending on how often used or placed on shelf
- Includes LED flashlight that temporarily blinds attacker if shined on face
- Safety button to prevent accidental stunning
- Holsters are included for most units

Taser Units (from $299.99)
- Non lethal, lightweight, no kickback
- Shoots out 2 probes that attaches to attacker up to 15 ft. away
- Takes a person down within 2 to 5 sec. (add time w/alcohol or drugs)
- Includes red Laser Sight beam for perfect aiming
- Can keep tasing for 30 seconds if placed on ground while you escape
- No kickback, can be used by women or men without straining their arm
- Stun gun backup after using probes
- Taser International replaces if stolen, w/police record of theft
- AFID (Anti-Felon Identification), program enforces accountability
- Requires new Lithium Power Magazine approximately after 50 uses
- Includes LED flashlight that temporarily blinds attacker if shined on face
- Safety cover to prevent accidental tasing
- Cartridges are required for each shot
- Holsters sold separately or included with Gold Packages

All of our Stun Guns and Tasers are excellent self defense products for women or men. The only big difference is the distance required for using them and the price.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

WomenOnGuard Has 2 Models Of The Strongest Stun Guns Available On The Market

The Runt and the Zombie stun guns, both have 20 Million Volts and incredible features for women or men's self defense.

Both units have pretty much the same features for self defense, only difference is the shape and the colors available. The Runt comes in black, pink and purple. The Zombie is available in bright green. If you are looking for the most powerful and reliable units that also have a lifetime warranty from manufacturer's defects, you've come to the right place!

Runt and Zombie Stun Gun Features
- 20 Million volts of powerful takedown strength
- Rechargeable, unit directly hooks to electric wall socket
- Large LED light, temporarily blinds if aimed at eyes
- Disable Pin, prevents attacker from using it against you
- Rubberized exterior, prevents slipping from hand
- Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
- Free holster for carrying it on your hip

Just setting off either of these 20 Million volt units into the air, will scare anyone in the surrounding area. If you touch a criminal with the tip of these self defense units, it will drop them to the ground and render them helpless. The neck is the preferred area, but anywhere else will suffice, even through clothing. Simply keep touching them until they fall to the ground. Then make your quick escape!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Are The Odds Of Two Malaysian Planes Coming Down, Within A Few Months From Each Other?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's asked themself this question. According to airplane experts, this last plane flight 17 that crashed to the ground, virtually could fly itself, with the latest technology for passenger planes.

Ukraine Plane Crash - MAXIM ZMEYEV / REUTERS
Malaysia flight 370 and flight 17 were just almost 4 months apart. We still don't know the whereabouts of the first plane that disappeared with 227 people on board. Now, another plane, flight 17 of the same airline, crashed with 298 people on board, on July 17, 2014. I'm not an expert on statistics, but this is a little concerning. Was it an accident or a plan? Does Malaysia have war enemies we aren't aware of, perhaps religious ones? Was it an act of war? Were the AIDS experts a target? Some officials even believe Russia had something to do with it.

Hopefully there will be reasonable information which will make us understand, why this aircraft flight 17 crashed. Whether it's demise was fate, a war attack or because of some technical malfunction.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How Safe Is Your Apartment Or College Dorm Door?

Are you concerned about criminals entering your apartment or college dorm unit? Many women that live alone or on campus are worried about this, especially when it can also lead to sexual assault as well.

Of course you can buy a lock for entrances, but locks sometimes break and criminals or individuals with sexual assault in mind, can sometimes kick in an entire entrance if they want to bad enough… So what can women do? We have a very simple and convenient way to take care of this dilemma...

It's called the Dual Function Door Brace, it's adjustable and made with strong 20 gauge steel. Entrances to homes and college dorms are usually pretty strong. Most of the time what breaks is the lock, not the door itself (especially if it's an exterior door). This brace is easy to use and prevents intruders. All you have to do, is snuggly place the "V" end of the unit, around the bottom of your entrance knob and slant the round section tightly on the floor. This will allow your apartment or college dorm unit to be secure, while your are inside. PLUS, this handy unit can also be used on SLIDING GLASS entrances and as mentioned before, it's length is adjustable.

Women, always place your safety first, when it comes to living alone in an apartment or college dorm. Preventive measures such as using a Dual Function Door Brace, is smart and can prevent criminals from trespassing, especially ones that have sexual assault on their minds, as well!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Convenient REFILLABLE Pepper Spray Units By Mace

Are you the type of person that doesn't like to replace things that work perfectly fine. One of those women that would rather hold on to her money, whenever possible?

Mace Pepper Pen, KeyGuard, Baton and Gun
Well, if you are looking for a non lethal self defense weapon that is re-useable whenever it's emptied, you've landed on the right place. Why spend extra money, purchasing an entire new unit when you can buy a Mace refillable product and keep using it over and over again?

At Women On Guard, we have 4 Mace pepper spray units that are convenient, because they are re-useable! Below you will see more information on these unique products for women or men.

Mace Refillable Units For Women Or Men
KeyGuard Self Defense Spray Pink - Compact, reaches 5 ft, includes 6 bursts, key ring and available in Pink or Black.
Pepper Spray Pen - Looks like a regular pen, the unit actually writes, reaches 5 ft, includes 6 bursts.
Pepper Spray Baton - Made with machined heavy aluminum makes it virtually indestructible, reaches 5 ft, includes 6 bursts, key ring, plus can be used for jabbing, hitting pressure points, and key flailing.
Pepper Gun - Reaches 20 feet, contains 6-7 blasts per cartridge, includes 1 pepper cartridge, and 1 practice water cartridge, shoots at any angle, LED light, includes STROBE LED light (Strobe only available on Black unit, for same price) and available in pink, silver, navy blue or black.

There you have it! 4 Refillable or re-useable Mace self defense units, that are unique and sure to accommodate your budget and your personal protection needs.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What Most Men Take For Granted, Us Women Have To Think About

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in this world as a man? No, this isn't about gender transformation, but rather the freedom men enjoy and the restrictions women encounter on a daily basis, regarding self defense!

If this were a perfect world, women would not be intimidated about tasks men perform, without blinking an eye or a moment of hesitation! We conjured up a few examples of what men do or experience on a daily basis, compared to us women, who would have to think twice before taking such action and possibly becoming a rape victim. The more the reason to carry a non lethal self defense product…

Would Be Nice For Women If They Could…
1. Take a stroll around their neighborhood block, without fearing rape.
2. Enter a parking lot without searching around before stepping in or out of the car.
3. Go to a bar and not have a fear of being drugged with a date rape drink.
4. Get undressed in their home without having to check for possible Peeping Toms.
5. Go to a gasoline station and not having their purse stolen off of the car seat.
6. Take public transportation without any fear of being followed.

The list can go on and on and I'm sure, you readers can come up with some doozies. This is why the Women On Guard website was started by us two ladies, back in 2006 and why we still sell self defense products today. So that women, don't have to worry as much or look over there shoulders on a daily basis!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Runt Stun Gun, Is Small But Has 20 Million Volts!

Don't be fooled by it's size… Sometimes the small things in life are the most powerful and most convenient for women's self defense.

This non lethal weapon is not bulky and can fit in a pocket, women's purse, briefcase or backpack. You can even wear it's holster and carry it on your hip. The Runt Stun Gun 20 Million Volts is the most powerful unit we have at! Yet it only measures 4 1/8" tall by 1 5/8" wide and 1" thick. A lightweight unit that includes many features…

Runt Stun Gun Self Defense Features
- 20 Million Volts of takedown power, yet small
- Rechargeable, plugs directly into wall socket
- Disable pin, won't work if attacker tries using it on you
- Rubberized exterior to prevent slippage
- Handy large LED flashlight, can be use to shine into eyes
- Handy nylon black holster with belt loop
- Available in purple, pink and black
- Lifetime Warranty

This is the perfect, discrete and small weapon that women or men can use for self defense! Just the sound of the 20 Million Volts, if shot into the air, will scare anybody away. If they're foolish enough to go towards you, they'll definitely regret it, because they will drop to ground like a hot potato! Best place to touch an attacker with the stun gun, is the neck. But anywhere else, including through clothing or a metal door knob, will suffice!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

To Play Soccer Can Be As Damaging As American Football When It Comes To Head Injuries

The German soccer player Christoph Kramer had a blow to his head last Sunday, while playing against Argentina for the World Cup.

Photo by Shaun Botterill- FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images
The World Cub player was checked by trainers after his collision with another team member and was allowed to keep playing. But after fifteen minutes of playing again, he was still not feeling right, so the 23-year-old midfielder had to be helped off the field. Obviously a victim of a head concussion!

It seems like soccer players should take more precautions and not just during the World Cup! They don't tackle each other like in American Football, but they do use their heads for many plays. It would be safer if some rules would change in soccer. An obligatory helmet for each team member to prevent head concussions, comes to mind. Perhaps similar to the ones that bicycle riders use. Not really big or heavy... Let's face it, having a ball hit your head in a soccer game on a continues basis, probably will lead to severe head concussions and mental disabilities!

It would be a huge improvement for present and future World Cup players to have helmets… just saying!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pepper Spray For Us Active Women!

If you like to bike, run, walk or jog, this is the perfect Mace self defense unit for you. It contains a strap that makes it easy for you to carry around your wrist, behind the palm of your hand or if you are a biker, attached to your handlebar.

Whenever we exercise outdoors, there's always a chance that some demented or criminal person might come a little to close for comfort. Knowing this, we all, especially us women, need to always carry some sort of protection. At we have a handy pepper spray that is perfect for us active folk who like to bike, run walk or jog! It's called the Mace Jogger Pepper Spray.

This Jogger unit for women is available in Pink or Black and reaches further than the average spray out there. It shoots as far as 12 feet instead of just 7 feet! It also contains more of the hot substance, up to 20, one second bursts. The average units only have 6 bursts. Of course it does also include the UV Invisible Marking Dye. Police can see this invisible dye if a suspect is captured and placed under a UV Lamp, verifying that they caught the right individual. The unit also includes a keychain and belt clip, besides the handy strap!

But us women don't have to bike, run walk or jog to use the Mace Jogger Pepper Spray. You can also take the elastic strap off and just place the unit on your hip with it's convenient belt clip or just simply put it in your pocket, purse or backpack!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Good Old Pepper Spray Will Never Go Out Of Style!

The best selling products in our store are the hard and soft case pepper spray. It's no wonder, since they were used by ancient warriors and still used today.

Now, pepper spray is stronger than ever and it's no surprise that women especially, use it for self defense against rapists. On occasion you might see a male motorcycle biker with a Mace Baton, which we also sell… But mostly, women like the smaller units for their self defense.

The basic Hard and Soft case units come in various colors. They can shoot up to 6 bursts and reach 5 to 7 feet away! Most all self defense units also include a UV Invisible Marking Dye, that lets police identify an attacker or rapist, if they are captured. Many of our units also have a key ring, belt clip or both! Some even have a quick key release, that allows you to keep, for example, your key on the door or car ignition and still be able to use the unattached unit against an attacker!

We carry the Mace and the Streetwise brands among others, in all shapes and sizes. Some are very fashionable and we even have others that are disguised to look like pens or perfume! These particular ones, offer an element of surprise, to a would be rapist! Both brands are reputable and perfect for women's self defense. Plus, all the units have expiration dates. Not because the pepper in them goes bad, but because the canister, as time goes by, looses pressure! This of course, renders them useless, because they won't shoot out the solution. You will find expiration dates, usually on the bottom of the canisters, as seen in the picture under the sprays.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Stun Gun With 9.5 Million Volts, SOS Light, Built-in Alarm And Many Other Features!

This baby is for the person that needs it all, in one handy unit! It pretty much has everything you need for an emergency situation. From notifying others to protecting yourself from an attacker.

This unique non lethal weapon is called the Stun Gun 9.5 Million Volts w/ Built-in Alarm. But the name alone, doesn't represent all the features this unit carries. The powerful 9.5 Million Volts is just one of it's features. Just take a peek below at the listed features it has…

Stun Gun 9.5 Million Volts w/ Built-in Alarm
- Powerful 9.5 million volts of devastation
- Rechargeable, no need for batteries
- 110dB Powerful siren alarm for emergencies
- SOS Red flashing lights for notifying others
- Disable pin, attacker cannot use it against you
- LED light for night vision and pointing at attacker
- Ergonomic and small, measures 4.75" x 2.5" x 1"

Simply setting this unit off into the air will scare anyone away. But if that doesn't work, touching an attacker with this stun gun's 9.5 Million Volts will drop them to the ground and render them helpless! Simply touch them on their neck or any other part of the body. It even goes through cloths… Keep touching them and watch them hit the ground! Then, escape as fast as you can!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Now Legal For New Yorkers To Take Medical Marijuana

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has passed the measure into law and it will be effective in 18 months.

Photo: NBC Bay Area
But, and this is a big BUT, it will only be available in a vaporized, oil based form or to be ingested. Basically, New York citizens won't be able to smoke medical marijuana. You didn't think it would be "al natural" did ya?

Of course not, Big Pharmaceuticals has to be involved and add other ingredients to this so called drug. Natural plants are harmful for ya… NOT! It's to be expected for this incredible plant to be tampered with by us humans, so that there is some HUGE profit somewhere! What were you thinking…? Government has to have a piece of the action, as well!

I have been a glaucoma patient for about 20 some years now. My glaucoma has been getting worse, to the point that now I take 2 different drops, twice a day! But medical marijuana is not legal yet in Florida and it doesn't seem like it will be, anytime soon. I don't understand, why some drugs can be taken nationally, but something like medical marijuana can't! I guess I will go blind, by the time they pass it here!

Well, just wanted to inform you on what's going on and how many people, like myself, will go blind, before this wonder drug/plant will be legal in the entire USA and not in just 23 States!

Source: Associated Press / NBC New York

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are You Searching For Self Defense Items?

If you are, you don't need to search any further… We have a package deal that consists of a stun gun, a door stop alarm and your choice color of pepper spray, which is also available in hard or soft cases. 

Whether you are one of these women that lives alone, goes to college or has to go to work, this Personal Safety Package was made for you! Of course, men need to carry a self defense item, as well! You buckle up your car's seat belt when you drive to places, so why not take with you some self defense item, for your own personal safety?

This Package For Women or Men Includes:

Small Fry Stun Gun 2 Million Volts Rechargeable - Includes a built in charger, LED flashlight, rubberized coating, so it won't slip from you hands, free holster and a Lifetime Warranty!
Pepper Spray - With 18% OC concentration versus only 10% that most other units have. Choose from soft or hard case pepper spray in several colors. Plus, it can reach up to 7 feet away and contains 6 shots. Includes a UV Marking Dye, key ring and safety lock. Available in soft or hard cases.
Door Stop Alarm - This protection device, wedges under a door and makes it impossible for trespassers to intrude into a bedroom, hotel or college dorm room. It also includes a 120dB alarm, that notifies you if someone wants to get in. Plus, a battery for the unit is included!

Self defense for citizens, especially women and college students, is very important in this day and age. Don't become a victim! Simply use non lethal devices for personal protection. Using non lethal weapon such as a stun gun, will not land you in jail, unlike lethal ones, that could!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Here It Comes Again… Hurricane Season!

Hurricanes or summer storms start showing their ugly face in June and throughout the last day of November. They mostly tackle the southern States.

OK, déjà vu, it happens every year… LIGHTS OUT! That dreaded time when the storm winds get so strong that the electricity goes out. But you don't have to fear the darkness, if you prepare beforehand.

Most of the time during hurricane storms, the electricity is out for several days and believe you me, you don't want to be without some sort of electric power. But, don't worry because you can get from our store the, Car Emergency Tool Wind 'N Go with dynamo charging feature!

I was raised in Florida, and my parents never had a tool as wonderful as this, during hurricanes. Checkout it's features below…

Car Emergency Tool Wind 'N Go Features
Dynamo charging system - Produces electricity when winding the handle for it's rechargeable batteries!
The essentials - Includes a flashlight, blinking emergency beacon, car window breaker and seat belt cutter.
Cell phone charger - Works on most Nokia brand phones and serves as a universal connector to attach to other adapter tips (sold separately).
1 Minute of winding - Offers 60 minutes of flashlight usage or 60 minutes of beacon use.
3 Minutes of winding - Offers 3 minutes of cell phone talking.
Rain proof - Won't cry for help if it gets a little wet…
Magnets - Useful for placing the unit on your car's metal exterior, perfect when you need the beacon signal for help or notifying other vehicles that you are on the road side.

Worries? Not at all if you have this Dynamo beauty! Oh, wait… Make sure you have a lot of munchies and drinks, because one thing this Car Emergency Tool Wind 'N Go, cannot do is FEED YA during a storm!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Keep Your Dog Calm During The 4th Of July Fireworks

If you have a dog, you probably have noticed that they can get very scared of the noise fireworks make. But there is a way to keep them CALM and not SCARED, this 4th of July or during thunder storms!

Photo by Yee Tong Loh
Have you heard about an autistic famous woman named, Temple Grandin? She figured out a way to keep cattle calm when they became stressed or scared. Basically she invented a machine that hugged cattle! The hugging effect calms down many animals, including of course, us humans.

If your pet gets nervous and scared of fireworks on the 4th of July or for that matter during thunder storms, the best way to control their anxiety is to hug them. But, you can't constantly hug them during long storms or fireworks, so here's another suggestion that works!

Best thing to do is put around your dog a tight tee-shirt. Or any other material that will feel tight, like he or she is getting a hug. Amazingly, this will calm them down! Some pet stores sell these stretchy outfits, but you can make your own and save money. Best fabric to use is one that has elasticity. Or simply buy a woman's tube top! But make sure it isn't too tight and place it around their abdomen.

Prepare your dog this coming 4th of July holiday and during thunder storms. Make it enjoyable for you and your pet!

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