Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Woman Doesn't Carry Perfume In Her Purse?

It's very common for most women to have perfume with them. This is why this DISGUISED WEAPON works so well! It's really a pepper spray unit for self defense!

When women take out a perfume item from their purse, nobody thinks twice about it. That's the wonderful aspect of this unexpected self defense, disguised weapon. It's easy to have in your purse, since it's so small, only 3.5 inches tall! Yet it can take an attacker by surprise with it's reach of 6-7 feet away and 5-6 shots available, of devastating burning pain! As our other units, the Round Perfume Shape Pepper Spray, also has the convenient UV Marking Dye, in case the criminal escapes and is captured by police.

A reliable and effective weapon in deterring attackers, is what this disguised pepper spray for women is all about… Simply take it with you wherever you go for self defense. Ladies, don't be afraid to take it out, because nobody is going to be suspicious of a perfume container! Keep it in your hand when going through places you feel uneasy about!

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