Monday, July 14, 2014

Pepper Spray For Us Active Women!

If you like to bike, run, walk or jog, this is the perfect Mace self defense unit for you. It contains a strap that makes it easy for you to carry around your wrist, behind the palm of your hand or if you are a biker, attached to your handlebar.

Whenever we exercise outdoors, there's always a chance that some demented or criminal person might come a little to close for comfort. Knowing this, we all, especially us women, need to always carry some sort of protection. At we have a handy pepper spray that is perfect for us active folk who like to bike, run walk or jog! It's called the Mace Jogger Pepper Spray.

This Jogger unit for women is available in Pink or Black and reaches further than the average spray out there. It shoots as far as 12 feet instead of just 7 feet! It also contains more of the hot substance, up to 20, one second bursts. The average units only have 6 bursts. Of course it does also include the UV Invisible Marking Dye. Police can see this invisible dye if a suspect is captured and placed under a UV Lamp, verifying that they caught the right individual. The unit also includes a keychain and belt clip, besides the handy strap!

But us women don't have to bike, run walk or jog to use the Mace Jogger Pepper Spray. You can also take the elastic strap off and just place the unit on your hip with it's convenient belt clip or just simply put it in your pocket, purse or backpack!
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