Tuesday, July 15, 2014

To Play Soccer Can Be As Damaging As American Football When It Comes To Head Injuries

The German soccer player Christoph Kramer had a blow to his head last Sunday, while playing against Argentina for the World Cup.

Photo by Shaun Botterill- FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images
The World Cub player was checked by trainers after his collision with another team member and was allowed to keep playing. But after fifteen minutes of playing again, he was still not feeling right, so the 23-year-old midfielder had to be helped off the field. Obviously a victim of a head concussion!

It seems like soccer players should take more precautions and not just during the World Cup! They don't tackle each other like in American Football, but they do use their heads for many plays. It would be safer if some rules would change in soccer. An obligatory helmet for each team member to prevent head concussions, comes to mind. Perhaps similar to the ones that bicycle riders use. Not really big or heavy... Let's face it, having a ball hit your head in a soccer game on a continues basis, probably will lead to severe head concussions and mental disabilities!

It would be a huge improvement for present and future World Cup players to have helmets… just saying!

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