Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How Safe Is Your Apartment Or College Dorm Door?

Are you concerned about criminals entering your apartment or college dorm unit? Many women that live alone or on campus are worried about this, especially when it can also lead to sexual assault as well.

Of course you can buy a lock for entrances, but locks sometimes break and criminals or individuals with sexual assault in mind, can sometimes kick in an entire entrance if they want to bad enough… So what can women do? We have a very simple and convenient way to take care of this dilemma...

It's called the Dual Function Door Brace, it's adjustable and made with strong 20 gauge steel. Entrances to homes and college dorms are usually pretty strong. Most of the time what breaks is the lock, not the door itself (especially if it's an exterior door). This brace is easy to use and prevents intruders. All you have to do, is snuggly place the "V" end of the unit, around the bottom of your entrance knob and slant the round section tightly on the floor. This will allow your apartment or college dorm unit to be secure, while your are inside. PLUS, this handy unit can also be used on SLIDING GLASS entrances and as mentioned before, it's length is adjustable.

Women, always place your safety first, when it comes to living alone in an apartment or college dorm. Preventive measures such as using a Dual Function Door Brace, is smart and can prevent criminals from trespassing, especially ones that have sexual assault on their minds, as well!

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