Friday, July 11, 2014

Good Old Pepper Spray Will Never Go Out Of Style!

The best selling products in our store are the hard and soft case pepper spray. It's no wonder, since they were used by ancient warriors and still used today.

Now, pepper spray is stronger than ever and it's no surprise that women especially, use it for self defense against rapists. On occasion you might see a male motorcycle biker with a Mace Baton, which we also sell… But mostly, women like the smaller units for their self defense.

The basic Hard and Soft case units come in various colors. They can shoot up to 6 bursts and reach 5 to 7 feet away! Most all self defense units also include a UV Invisible Marking Dye, that lets police identify an attacker or rapist, if they are captured. Many of our units also have a key ring, belt clip or both! Some even have a quick key release, that allows you to keep, for example, your key on the door or car ignition and still be able to use the unattached unit against an attacker!

We carry the Mace and the Streetwise brands among others, in all shapes and sizes. Some are very fashionable and we even have others that are disguised to look like pens or perfume! These particular ones, offer an element of surprise, to a would be rapist! Both brands are reputable and perfect for women's self defense. Plus, all the units have expiration dates. Not because the pepper in them goes bad, but because the canister, as time goes by, looses pressure! This of course, renders them useless, because they won't shoot out the solution. You will find expiration dates, usually on the bottom of the canisters, as seen in the picture under the sprays.

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