Friday, July 18, 2014

Convenient REFILLABLE Pepper Spray Units By Mace

Are you the type of person that doesn't like to replace things that work perfectly fine. One of those women that would rather hold on to her money, whenever possible?

Mace Pepper Pen, KeyGuard, Baton and Gun
Well, if you are looking for a non lethal self defense weapon that is re-useable whenever it's emptied, you've landed on the right place. Why spend extra money, purchasing an entire new unit when you can buy a Mace refillable product and keep using it over and over again?

At Women On Guard, we have 4 Mace pepper spray units that are convenient, because they are re-useable! Below you will see more information on these unique products for women or men.

Mace Refillable Units For Women Or Men
KeyGuard Self Defense Spray Pink - Compact, reaches 5 ft, includes 6 bursts, key ring and available in Pink or Black.
Pepper Spray Pen - Looks like a regular pen, the unit actually writes, reaches 5 ft, includes 6 bursts.
Pepper Spray Baton - Made with machined heavy aluminum makes it virtually indestructible, reaches 5 ft, includes 6 bursts, key ring, plus can be used for jabbing, hitting pressure points, and key flailing.
Pepper Gun - Reaches 20 feet, contains 6-7 blasts per cartridge, includes 1 pepper cartridge, and 1 practice water cartridge, shoots at any angle, LED light, includes STROBE LED light (Strobe only available on Black unit, for same price) and available in pink, silver, navy blue or black.

There you have it! 4 Refillable or re-useable Mace self defense units, that are unique and sure to accommodate your budget and your personal protection needs.

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