Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Keep Your Dog Calm During The 4th Of July Fireworks

If you have a dog, you probably have noticed that they can get very scared of the noise fireworks make. But there is a way to keep them CALM and not SCARED, this 4th of July or during thunder storms!

Photo by Yee Tong Loh
Have you heard about an autistic famous woman named, Temple Grandin? She figured out a way to keep cattle calm when they became stressed or scared. Basically she invented a machine that hugged cattle! The hugging effect calms down many animals, including of course, us humans.

If your pet gets nervous and scared of fireworks on the 4th of July or for that matter during thunder storms, the best way to control their anxiety is to hug them. But, you can't constantly hug them during long storms or fireworks, so here's another suggestion that works!

Best thing to do is put around your dog a tight tee-shirt. Or any other material that will feel tight, like he or she is getting a hug. Amazingly, this will calm them down! Some pet stores sell these stretchy outfits, but you can make your own and save money. Best fabric to use is one that has elasticity. Or simply buy a woman's tube top! But make sure it isn't too tight and place it around their abdomen.

Prepare your dog this coming 4th of July holiday and during thunder storms. Make it enjoyable for you and your pet!

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