Thursday, July 3, 2014

Here It Comes Again… Hurricane Season!

Hurricanes or summer storms start showing their ugly face in June and throughout the last day of November. They mostly tackle the southern States.

OK, déjà vu, it happens every year… LIGHTS OUT! That dreaded time when the storm winds get so strong that the electricity goes out. But you don't have to fear the darkness, if you prepare beforehand.

Most of the time during hurricane storms, the electricity is out for several days and believe you me, you don't want to be without some sort of electric power. But, don't worry because you can get from our store the, Car Emergency Tool Wind 'N Go with dynamo charging feature!

I was raised in Florida, and my parents never had a tool as wonderful as this, during hurricanes. Checkout it's features below…

Car Emergency Tool Wind 'N Go Features
Dynamo charging system - Produces electricity when winding the handle for it's rechargeable batteries!
The essentials - Includes a flashlight, blinking emergency beacon, car window breaker and seat belt cutter.
Cell phone charger - Works on most Nokia brand phones and serves as a universal connector to attach to other adapter tips (sold separately).
1 Minute of winding - Offers 60 minutes of flashlight usage or 60 minutes of beacon use.
3 Minutes of winding - Offers 3 minutes of cell phone talking.
Rain proof - Won't cry for help if it gets a little wet…
Magnets - Useful for placing the unit on your car's metal exterior, perfect when you need the beacon signal for help or notifying other vehicles that you are on the road side.

Worries? Not at all if you have this Dynamo beauty! Oh, wait… Make sure you have a lot of munchies and drinks, because one thing this Car Emergency Tool Wind 'N Go, cannot do is FEED YA during a storm!

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