Friday, November 30, 2012

Wall Clock with Hidden Safe Makes a Great Gift!

Not sure what this item is all about? Well, it looks like and works like a clock but you can also hide things in it, as well. A perfect gift idea for the holidays!

Hidden safes are convenient to have and one of our most popular is this particular one. The Wall Clock Hidden Safe is a great gift idea! Anybody can use an extra clock around the house and this attractive one is not only functional, but it also is one of the best ways for a person to hide their jewelry, money or any other item. It has a small compartment with 3 shelves which are perfect for hiding small things. The actual size of the compartment to hide things in is, 8.5 inches in diameter by 1 7/8 inches deep. The clock itself uses a "AA" battery (not included), so it actually keeps time! Anyone that sees it will not think twice about it, and that is exactly why it works so well and makes such a great gift idea for the holidays! The hidden safe's exterior measures 10 inches in diameter and 2 3/4 inches deep. This wonderful and unique safe will look good in any room, office or college dorm.

If you weren't sure what gift to get someone for the holidays, you just found it... Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great Affordable Gift Idea for the Holidays - Only $6

Many Americans are on a budget lately but still want to give meaningful gifts to their loved ones. An inexpensive personal safety item would not break the bank and in turn, offer you peace of mind regarding your loved one's security.

The Pepper Shot pepper spray is an affordable and wonderful gift idea for the holidays. Not only will it provide your family members with personal safety year round, but it might come in handy when the New Years Eve celebrations come around!

The Pepper Shot Pepper Spray is a wonderful idea for a gift and it only costs $6! It's a small, affordable price to pay for personal safety. It contains 5 to 6 one-second shots and can reach up to 7 feet! This item also has a UV Dye that will mark an attacker's face. It helps for identification, should authorities capture the attacker. The spray also comes equipped with a quick key release key chain. Convenient to have because if your keys happen to be in your car ignition or a door knob, you can still snap off the pepper spray and shoot it against an attacker! Not bad for such a unique and affordable, $6 personal safety, holiday gift idea!

You don't need a lot of money to give thoughtful gifts… We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Huge Inventory of Powerful Stun Guns for Holiday Gifts

Available in pink or black!
Since October of 2006, has been offering self defense products to it's customers. We take pride in selling non lethal weapons and our line of stun guns is no exception.

Our most popular stun gun is the Strongest Stun Gun with 7.5 Million Volts of powerful take down force. For the sale price of only $37.46, it's no wonder that it is our biggest or "strongest" seller! But we also sell other Stun Guns of all sizes and shapes, ranging from 200,000 volts with alarms to the strongest voltage mentioned above. We offer them in different colors and disguised as well. Some look like a Lipstick, a Cell Phone, Pen, Perfume and even like a Flashlight. We also sell devices such as Batons that are as powerful as 6 Million volts! Most of our products have disable pins, LED lights, safety switches and a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Many are rechargeable, no batteries required. Some literally plug into the wall, no cords necessary and some have a rubberized armor exterior. The rubber is good for the weapon's durability and also prevents the unit from slipping from your fingers!

Lipstick Stun Gun
If you have any questions on any of our self defense products, simply call us… We actually answer the phones! Plus, explore our website, we have some bulk rated items as well. This is in case you want to take care of many Holiday gifts all at once. WomenOnGuard also has a Safety Tips category. The tips page includes some safety tips on how to shop safely... That is if you need to absolutely go to a brick and mortar store for the rest of your gifts!

What better gift can there be than to offer a self defense weapon that is not lethal, yet protects the life of a loved one?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Buy Personal Defense Holiday Gifts in Bulk!

Impress your friends and family with a unique gift, they are sure to carry with them throughout the year. Let them know that you care about their safety.

Don't give your family or friends, your typical gifts for the holidays. Surprise them with a totally different and unique present. Our website includes 4 items that you can buy in bulk rates and save money. These personal defense products are perfect stocking stuffers and totally unexpected. Plus, you know that they will not be put away somewhere and forgotten. This is because they really are handy to have and to carry everyday for safety!

Our personal defense Pepper Spray Hardcase and Pepper Spray Softcase, are available in bulk rates for the holidays! Don't forget that both these sprays are 18% pepper concentration, versus other sprays that only have 10% concentration. We also have the Keychain Alarm with Flashlight and the Keychain Personal Alarm with Light, available in bulk prices as well!

If safety is something you desire for your loved ones, offer them unique bulk rated, self defense gifts, that will keep them protected from crime. Don't offer them clothes or perfume this holiday. Especially if you're not sure they will like them… Give them something they will carry year round… Save your family or friends, the trip of having to return items they don't need!

Enjoy the holidays safely!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Looking Forward to Partying this Holiday Season?

Photo by The-Nancy-Minor-Team
December is no doubt, party month and most people are buying new clothes for the festivities, along with toys, alcohol and food!

Everyone is focusing on having a good time and gathering with family and friends. The last thing on someone's mind is safety. But safety is crucial, if you want to really enjoy the Holidays. Nothing can be worse during the Holidays than having your gifts at home burglarized, your shopping money pick pocketed at the mall, your party turning into drunks fighting or even worse, someone getting date raped… These occurrences aren't unique and happen year round!

The Holiday season is not immune to your everyday crime. In fact, sometimes crime is escalated. Make sure you celebrate with safety guidelines, like not drinking too much, not leaving a party with a stranger, no matter how friendly and attractive they are. Always have a designated driver when you leave and please beware of drugs! Never drink out of a punch bowl or open container. Always open your own drink. Request that your friend or waiter bring it unopened!

When out shopping for gifts, make sure you carry your money or credit cards where pick-pockets cannot steal it. Find unique ways to carry your cash or credit cards. While in store parking lots, request an escort if possible. Especially if it is dark out!

One more thing, consider our website for products that protect your home and yourself from crime. Self defense products also make great, thoughtful and unique gifts that will be appreciated by family and friends.

We hope you have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Triple Action Personal Defense Spray

There are many pepper sprays on the market but few if any are triple action. Triple refers to hot pepper, tear gas and a UV Dye. This Mace spray has it all!

Personal defense is easy, if you carry some sort of self empowering item. The Mace Triple Action Pocket Model is a non lethal, personal defense spray. Women or men can defend themselves with it and at the same time, not inflict lethal injuries or kill someone. Yet, they can incapacitate a threatening person and even mark them with a UV Dye.

The Mace Triple Action Pocket Model, is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. It can spray approximately 5, one second bursts and reach between 6 and 12 feet. The hot pepper, burns the eyes and throat, making an attacker cough their head off! The fact that the eyes burn, will cause them to close their eyes, making him or her, temporarily blind. The advantages of the tear gas, is that you don't have to hit an attacker directly in the face with the burst, because the fumes from the tear gas, will still affect them, even if the spray only hits their chest! Plus, the UV Dye will make it easy for officials to identify the attacker, if captured.

Don't become a victim. Carry a personal defense pepper spray and keep it handy, wherever you go!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unique Stun Gun Flashlight with Alarm

Are you in need of a flashlight for your home? Before you spend your money on an ordinary one, consider one that lights, stuns and sounds off an alarm… Great for personal defense and house or apartment protection.

But even if you weren't looking for one, this incredible item is worth having around your house or apartment. The Stun Gun Flashlight with Alarm is geared for not just seeing in the dark, but for personal defense and to protect your home from intruders. Besides having a bright light, it has a powerful 130 decibel alarm! Plus, it can be used as a weapon, because it includes a 200,000 volt stun gun! It measures 16.5 inches long, keeps you at a nice distance from an intruder, as well.

If someone enters your home, you can temporarily blind them with the bright light in their eyes, sound off the 130 decibel alarm, so your neighbors will hear it and actually shock the intruder with the stun gun as well. Touching them for a few seconds with the stun gun prongs, located around the front of the flashlight, will weaken their muscles and cause them to fall down. You can also take the opportunity while they are down and place a set of handcuffs on them, that is if you have some around... A citizen's arrest, right in your own home!

Handcuffs are convenient to have in your home and we are not referring to the kinky use of them! They can come in very handy if you can manage to wrap them around an intruder's hands or tie him to a heavy piece of furniture with them. So keep those handcuffs next to where you store your 130 decibel flashlight for personal defense… Might it be the nightstand?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pocket Size, Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray!

For those of you that like to defend yourselves with a more compact personal defense spray, your wish has come true! Our store now carries the smaller companion of the Personal Model size for women.

It's called the Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model! Just as potent a weapon as the Mace larger one, but contains less amount of spray and uses up less room in your purse. Women can also put it in their pocket, briefcase or backpack. This baby can shoot 5 to 15 shots, depending on how long you press the flip top. Plus, this personal defense weapon can reach up to 15 feet away! Just like it's Pink, Personal larger version, it also has a key chain, which you can attach to your keys and have it handy at all times. Like all other Mace personal defense pepper spray, it also has a UV Dye, that will show up on an attacker's face and serves as evidence, if the police captures him or her!

Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray for women, is just one of the many personal defense weapons this company makes. Since 1965, Mace has been helping women fight crime and is famous worldwide for it's dependability and effectiveness. For more Mace personal defense sprays, go here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are You Planning to Go Away for the Holidays this Year?

Photo by bokeh burger
Many of us travel during the holidays to see relatives. One of our concerns is, how safe is our house or apartment from burglars?

Home protection security systems can be pretty expensive and while they give you peace of mind, there are also cheaper ways for home protection. This is why we are suggesting a simple but reliable anti-intrusion device.

The Dual Function Door Brace is great for sliding doors and regular doors, too. When it comes to sliding ones, many of us have used broom sticks! But a broomstick is not only ugly, it's nasty and not reliable for an apartment or house protection. Sometimes it doesn't even fit correctly. With this brace, you can adjust it to the the width you need. It has rubber ends, so it won't slide and it's built strong, with 20 gauge steel! Plus it not only works on sliding entrances, it also has a curved rubber end, that you can place under a regular door knob. Just lean it against the knob, by adjusting it's length and there you have it! Nobody will be able to push your back door in, this holiday season. No need to keep that old chair, next to your home entrance, either!

Remember that the holidays are also celebrated by burglars. It's the best time of the year for them as well! Whether you are staying home for the holidays or not, this brace is a must have, against burglars or intruders, anytime of the year!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lipstick, a Women's Best Weapon?

Nobody thinks twice when women open up their purse and take out a lipstick container. The best self defense weapon is one that is unexpected and discrete.

Easy to use, you just take the lid off and spray or stun an attacker! What are we talking about, you may ask? These simplistic self defense devices are up for grabs at our store. We have 3 different ones for women to choose from!

Mace Pink Lipstick Pepper Spray. You can reach up to 10 feet with it and it can shoot 6 bursts of hot devastation aimed at the eyes or face! Available in pink.

Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray. You can reach up to 6 feet and it can shoot 5 bursts of hot devastation aimed at the eyes or face! Comes in pink, black, blue, red and silver.

Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight. It has 950,000 volts of painful disabling electric shock! This stun gun weapon is rechargeable, comes with a disable wrist strap, holster and a Lifetime Warranty.

Disguised self defense weapons add an element of surprise to an attacker, who doesn't expect to be targeted! Whether the device contains a devastating, burning, pepper spray or a very painful electric shock, like a stun gun, the result is the same, it gives women an opportunity to escape from harms way!

Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Million Volts Stun Gun with a Feminine Touch

This powerful stun gun weapon is pink but definitely not delicate. Perfect for self defense. It allows you to enjoy your freedom, wherever you go and at whatever time you are out and about. Imagine not being afraid, anywhere you go!

Want to stroll around your block, by yourself, with confidence? Going to the movies alone? Want to dance the night away? These are questions many women ask themselves before they head out and literally get a life! It's a shame, but that is our new reality lately. But if you carry a powerful, self defense weapon, you don't have to worry about it anymore.

This powerful, self defense, 5 Million Hottie Pink Stun Gun is your new companion, 24/7! Put it in your purse or use the holster it comes with and hang off your belt. It even has a flashlight, that can blind a person temporarily... But that's not what makes it irresistible. See all the fabulous features below!

Hottie Pink Stun Gun Features:
  • 5 Million volts
  • Rubberized exterior, won't slip from your fingers
  • 4 Bulb, LED flashlight
  • Rechargeable, unit plugs directly into wall
  • Disable pin, prevents others from using it against you
  • Disable pin plug, if user prefers unit always abled
  • Light signaling when fully charged

So ladies, take your 5 million volts Hottie and get out there. Enjoy your life to the fullest and don't let the creeps and perverts, ruin it for you!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Personal Safety Comes in a Little Mouse Alarm

It might not look very aggressive, in fact it's kind of cute. Doesn't use up much room and can even help with carrying your keys.

Photo by mahalie - Mugger tried to steal bag!
For those of you who are scared of small mice, don't worry, this one will actually HELP you scare away muggers or rapists! It's actually called the Keychain Personal Alarm with Flashlight, but we call it the little blue mouse. It's also our best seller as far as personal safety alarms are concerned and available in bulk prices, as well.

This mouse looking, small personal safety item, only measures 2 3/4 long by 1 3/4 wide and 1 inch tall. It uses 2 AAA batteries, which are included. The loud 130 decibel alarm sounds, when you pull out the pin with keychain that comes attached with it. You can also activate the safety alarm buy pressing one of the buttons on the front. The other button is for a convenient flashlight!

It's no surprise that this mouse is so popular, it's very convenient because it has a flashlight, it's small and yet incredibly loud for an emergency situation.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Male and Female Sexual Predators in Our Schools

Everyone knows that American schools are inferior in educating it's students, than many other schools around the world. But there is also another issue threatening our children.

Amanda Sotelo, Bexar County
Seems like every other day, a teacher is accused of having sex with underage students. These educators are males as well as females. Some are full-time and some are substitutes. Many jump from one county or state to the other and all are pedophiles! Physical education coaches are not the only pedophiles around… It's the pretty and sexy female instructor or the well dressed fit male ones as well. And for some reason, education facilities are not communicating with each other and informing other schools, nationally, of pedophile school teachers!

Latest one caught was Amanda Sotelo. A 35 year old substitute teacher in Texas. She got pregnant by having sex with a 14 year old student and got arrested on November 1st, for indecency with a child. Some people have this old mentality, especially men, that this 14 year old got lucky sexually and… way to go kid, attitude! WRONG! The sex of the teacher shouldn't make the crime less threatening. It certainly doesn't make it right! Maybe this mentality is also shared by these female pedophile teachers. They assume that society will look the other way… Not so, and especially not now!

This kind of sexual corruption, just makes our children fall even more behind in their grades and undermines our national education system. Parents should get more involved with their children's education and know personally all their educators. It probably is less likely that a sexual pervert will act upon his or her urges, when they personally know the student's parents. Plus schools need to screen their educators better and try to find out if they have any criminal record in any other State, substitutes included!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Brisk Walking Exercise Safety Tips

Lets face it, many of us women aren't very athletic and can't run marathons, so the next best thing is to walk as fast as we can and try not to hurt anything!

But the focus of this post it not to train women for posture or how to pace themselves, but rather to offer basic safety tips during their fresh air escapades. This is assuming the weather allows it and you dress appropriately.

Photo by Alex E. Proimos
OK, the first of our tips is the music one. Yes, us women do enjoy music while we walk briskly but it can also make you less aware of your surroundings and that can be a problem! If you must listen to it, lower the volume. Better to listen to perhaps a talk show, interview, the news… Something that doesn't completely fade out the noises in your environment. The best thing of course is not to place anything in your ears and listen to the birds or cars, you get the idea! Another of the safety tips is to change your routine. If you can go walking at different times of the day, do it! Be less predictable about the time of day you exercise. This will deter a predator from targeting you. Also try not to take the same path, take alternate or random routs each day. Explore around, its not like you are on a race track, going around in circles… Enjoy your exercise walks by looking at different scenery. Also, if you have a walking buddy such as a friend or a pet, that is even better!

Use common sense when walking briskly, especially if your neighborhood doesn't have side walks. If you must walk on the side of the street, go against your instinct and walk toward traffic! This way, you can dodge any car that is coming at you and no vehicle will sneak from behind you. Let's admit, there are bad drivers, texting going on and people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Don't worry, after following this particular tip for a few days, you will wonder, why you didn't do this before!

Ok, these are the common sense, basic safety walking tips. We didn't want you women to read a thesis! Now go out and exercise and please, don't forget to carry a self defense item in your escapades...

Friday, November 2, 2012

How Safe is Your Child from Pedophiles?

Fort Lauderdale Police Dept.
Everyone is still talking about the Sandusky case, as more people are held accountable in court, for the on-going crimes they kept secret. But, have parents talked to their children, regarding pedophiles?

Have you as a parent, talked to your children about possible pedophile teachers or coaches in their school? Have you asked them if they have seen any unusual activity or behavior similar to Sandusky's actions? Are any of your kids in the Boy or Girl Scouts? When your child visits the home of their friends, have they seen their friend's parents act inappropriately? When visiting relatives, have you even thought to mention if an uncle or an aunt touched them in a strange way?

Sometimes you have to pull teeth before your children tell you what they have seen or worst what they have experienced, outside your home. You might think that all these questions about pedophiles, might be too much or scare your kids. Not so. You might be surprised at what they know… Plus, it's better if they are aware, than for them to be victims of such a crime. Tell them that those types of secrets are to be shared with you. Make sure they understand that you are concerned and want them to inform you of ANYTHING they might find strange or inappropriate.

One last thing… Educate yourself as a parent, about your surroundings as well. Go to your local police website and check out where the pedophiles AND sexual predators live in your neighborhood. Such websites give out names, types of crime, addresses and even photos of these criminals. Make your children aware and to stay away from them, if the criminals live within walking or biking distance from your home. Do this for your children's safety and yours, as well!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Leaving Your Home Alone for The Holidays?

With several Holidays around the corner, most of us think about the safety of our home while we are out of town, visiting family. Especially when burglaries are most popular during these festivities and your place needs protection.

Photo by taberandrew
The most popular time of the year is coming up for us and for thieves too! Burglars usually have a blast during the Holidays because they know that homes usually have nice new gifts to steal and many residents are away traveling. Don't make it easy for them to target your home. Make sure your place is well lit and looks occupied during this time of the year, by purchasing a digital timer!

Our Digital Timer with Random Feature is a must for home protection because it makes your home look busy inside while you are away. It can turn your TV, lamps, radio or appliances, on or off anytime without you being there making your place look lived in.

Digital Timer Features
  • Heavy duty loads up to 15 amps
  • Up to 20 different on/off programs
  • Over 7 days and 8 day groupings
  • Random features, to avoid patterns of activity
  • Manual override, turn an item off or on, anytime
  • Pre-installed backup batteries
  • LCD Clock, shows time and day

Take a Holiday vacation this year without worrying about leaving your house or apartment alone. Use a digital timer, for protection and deterring burglars by making it look busy!

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