Friday, November 2, 2012

How Safe is Your Child from Pedophiles?

Fort Lauderdale Police Dept.
Everyone is still talking about the Sandusky case, as more people are held accountable in court, for the on-going crimes they kept secret. But, have parents talked to their children, regarding pedophiles?

Have you as a parent, talked to your children about possible pedophile teachers or coaches in their school? Have you asked them if they have seen any unusual activity or behavior similar to Sandusky's actions? Are any of your kids in the Boy or Girl Scouts? When your child visits the home of their friends, have they seen their friend's parents act inappropriately? When visiting relatives, have you even thought to mention if an uncle or an aunt touched them in a strange way?

Sometimes you have to pull teeth before your children tell you what they have seen or worst what they have experienced, outside your home. You might think that all these questions about pedophiles, might be too much or scare your kids. Not so. You might be surprised at what they know… Plus, it's better if they are aware, than for them to be victims of such a crime. Tell them that those types of secrets are to be shared with you. Make sure they understand that you are concerned and want them to inform you of ANYTHING they might find strange or inappropriate.

One last thing… Educate yourself as a parent, about your surroundings as well. Go to your local police website and check out where the pedophiles AND sexual predators live in your neighborhood. Such websites give out names, types of crime, addresses and even photos of these criminals. Make your children aware and to stay away from them, if the criminals live within walking or biking distance from your home. Do this for your children's safety and yours, as well!
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