Monday, November 26, 2012

Looking Forward to Partying this Holiday Season?

Photo by The-Nancy-Minor-Team
December is no doubt, party month and most people are buying new clothes for the festivities, along with toys, alcohol and food!

Everyone is focusing on having a good time and gathering with family and friends. The last thing on someone's mind is safety. But safety is crucial, if you want to really enjoy the Holidays. Nothing can be worse during the Holidays than having your gifts at home burglarized, your shopping money pick pocketed at the mall, your party turning into drunks fighting or even worse, someone getting date raped… These occurrences aren't unique and happen year round!

The Holiday season is not immune to your everyday crime. In fact, sometimes crime is escalated. Make sure you celebrate with safety guidelines, like not drinking too much, not leaving a party with a stranger, no matter how friendly and attractive they are. Always have a designated driver when you leave and please beware of drugs! Never drink out of a punch bowl or open container. Always open your own drink. Request that your friend or waiter bring it unopened!

When out shopping for gifts, make sure you carry your money or credit cards where pick-pockets cannot steal it. Find unique ways to carry your cash or credit cards. While in store parking lots, request an escort if possible. Especially if it is dark out!

One more thing, consider our website for products that protect your home and yourself from crime. Self defense products also make great, thoughtful and unique gifts that will be appreciated by family and friends.

We hope you have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!

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