Thursday, November 8, 2012

Personal Safety Comes in a Little Mouse Alarm

It might not look very aggressive, in fact it's kind of cute. Doesn't use up much room and can even help with carrying your keys.

Photo by mahalie - Mugger tried to steal bag!
For those of you who are scared of small mice, don't worry, this one will actually HELP you scare away muggers or rapists! It's actually called the Keychain Personal Alarm with Flashlight, but we call it the little blue mouse. It's also our best seller as far as personal safety alarms are concerned and available in bulk prices, as well.

This mouse looking, small personal safety item, only measures 2 3/4 long by 1 3/4 wide and 1 inch tall. It uses 2 AAA batteries, which are included. The loud 130 decibel alarm sounds, when you pull out the pin with keychain that comes attached with it. You can also activate the safety alarm buy pressing one of the buttons on the front. The other button is for a convenient flashlight!

It's no surprise that this mouse is so popular, it's very convenient because it has a flashlight, it's small and yet incredibly loud for an emergency situation.
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