Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pocket Size, Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray!

For those of you that like to defend yourselves with a more compact personal defense spray, your wish has come true! Our store now carries the smaller companion of the Personal Model size for women.

It's called the Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model! Just as potent a weapon as the Mace larger one, but contains less amount of spray and uses up less room in your purse. Women can also put it in their pocket, briefcase or backpack. This baby can shoot 5 to 15 shots, depending on how long you press the flip top. Plus, this personal defense weapon can reach up to 15 feet away! Just like it's Pink, Personal larger version, it also has a key chain, which you can attach to your keys and have it handy at all times. Like all other Mace personal defense pepper spray, it also has a UV Dye, that will show up on an attacker's face and serves as evidence, if the police captures him or her!

Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray for women, is just one of the many personal defense weapons this company makes. Since 1965, Mace has been helping women fight crime and is famous worldwide for it's dependability and effectiveness. For more Mace personal defense sprays, go here.

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