Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Male and Female Sexual Predators in Our Schools

Everyone knows that American schools are inferior in educating it's students, than many other schools around the world. But there is also another issue threatening our children.

Amanda Sotelo, Bexar County
Seems like every other day, a teacher is accused of having sex with underage students. These educators are males as well as females. Some are full-time and some are substitutes. Many jump from one county or state to the other and all are pedophiles! Physical education coaches are not the only pedophiles around… It's the pretty and sexy female instructor or the well dressed fit male ones as well. And for some reason, education facilities are not communicating with each other and informing other schools, nationally, of pedophile school teachers!

Latest one caught was Amanda Sotelo. A 35 year old substitute teacher in Texas. She got pregnant by having sex with a 14 year old student and got arrested on November 1st, for indecency with a child. Some people have this old mentality, especially men, that this 14 year old got lucky sexually and… way to go kid, attitude! WRONG! The sex of the teacher shouldn't make the crime less threatening. It certainly doesn't make it right! Maybe this mentality is also shared by these female pedophile teachers. They assume that society will look the other way… Not so, and especially not now!

This kind of sexual corruption, just makes our children fall even more behind in their grades and undermines our national education system. Parents should get more involved with their children's education and know personally all their educators. It probably is less likely that a sexual pervert will act upon his or her urges, when they personally know the student's parents. Plus schools need to screen their educators better and try to find out if they have any criminal record in any other State, substitutes included!

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