Thursday, November 1, 2012

Leaving Your Home Alone for The Holidays?

With several Holidays around the corner, most of us think about the safety of our home while we are out of town, visiting family. Especially when burglaries are most popular during these festivities and your place needs protection.

Photo by taberandrew
The most popular time of the year is coming up for us and for thieves too! Burglars usually have a blast during the Holidays because they know that homes usually have nice new gifts to steal and many residents are away traveling. Don't make it easy for them to target your home. Make sure your place is well lit and looks occupied during this time of the year, by purchasing a digital timer!

Our Digital Timer with Random Feature is a must for home protection because it makes your home look busy inside while you are away. It can turn your TV, lamps, radio or appliances, on or off anytime without you being there making your place look lived in.

Digital Timer Features
  • Heavy duty loads up to 15 amps
  • Up to 20 different on/off programs
  • Over 7 days and 8 day groupings
  • Random features, to avoid patterns of activity
  • Manual override, turn an item off or on, anytime
  • Pre-installed backup batteries
  • LCD Clock, shows time and day

Take a Holiday vacation this year without worrying about leaving your house or apartment alone. Use a digital timer, for protection and deterring burglars by making it look busy!

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