Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unique Stun Gun Flashlight with Alarm

Are you in need of a flashlight for your home? Before you spend your money on an ordinary one, consider one that lights, stuns and sounds off an alarm… Great for personal defense and house or apartment protection.

But even if you weren't looking for one, this incredible item is worth having around your house or apartment. The Stun Gun Flashlight with Alarm is geared for not just seeing in the dark, but for personal defense and to protect your home from intruders. Besides having a bright light, it has a powerful 130 decibel alarm! Plus, it can be used as a weapon, because it includes a 200,000 volt stun gun! It measures 16.5 inches long, keeps you at a nice distance from an intruder, as well.

If someone enters your home, you can temporarily blind them with the bright light in their eyes, sound off the 130 decibel alarm, so your neighbors will hear it and actually shock the intruder with the stun gun as well. Touching them for a few seconds with the stun gun prongs, located around the front of the flashlight, will weaken their muscles and cause them to fall down. You can also take the opportunity while they are down and place a set of handcuffs on them, that is if you have some around... A citizen's arrest, right in your own home!

Handcuffs are convenient to have in your home and we are not referring to the kinky use of them! They can come in very handy if you can manage to wrap them around an intruder's hands or tie him to a heavy piece of furniture with them. So keep those handcuffs next to where you store your 130 decibel flashlight for personal defense… Might it be the nightstand?

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