Monday, October 31, 2016

Stun Baton w/ Flashlight 20 Million Volts For Home and Outdoor Protection!

Many people like to take a stroll outdoors after having dinner or take their dogs out in the evening, for them to relieve themselves...

At we have just the self defense unit you need to stroll around your neighborhood sidewalks without feeling unprotected, especially at night! Plus, of course you can use it in case you get unwelcomed burglars or intruders in your home! It's called the Stun Baton w/ Flashlight 20 Million Volts.

This unit has incredible features you don't want to be without! Read more below!

Stun Baton w/ Flashlight 20 Million Volts Features
- 20 Million volts of take down power, drops an attacker to the ground
- Built with aircraft quality aluminum
- 120 Lumen LED super bright flashlight
- Rubberized handle, prevents slippage from hand
- Convenient wrist strap can be hung on your wrist
- Includes convenient belt clip
- Includes charging cord
- Measures 14 ¾ inches x 1 ½ inches
- Lifetime warranty from manufacturer's defect

Perfect for carrying as a self defense unit, for a stroll around your neighborhood block or walking your dog after dinner. Plus of course, to scare off burglars or intruders!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray Personal Model, w/ 20 Bursts!

Mace has been around for decades, your mom probably used it when she was a teenager... It's still around with even more heat against an attacker or rapist!

No matter if you are a grown woman or college student, it's always a plus, to carry some sort of protection when you are out and about. When a product still sells after so much time in the market, you know, you can depend on it! It's called the Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray Personal Model. Take it with you everywhere!

PLUS, A portion of the proceeds will be donated to these charitable organizations: The National Center for Victims of Crime, Project Against Violent Encounters, Casting for Recovery!

Below are the features for this simple and affordable, life saver for women or students, as well!

Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray Personal Model 
- Includes 1.4% capsaicinoids concentration
- Offers 20 short bursts for women
- Reaches up to 12 feet away
- Includes UV dye to identify an attacker
- Has a convenient flip-top safety cap
- Convenient side clip to attach to cloths
- Flip top safety cap
- Finger grip dispenser for accurate aiming
- Convenient key chain

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Strange How Someone Like Donald Trump is Finally Making Americans Want to Vote Again!

Many Americans haven't been going to vote, in the last few years. But now, we are already experiencing larger crowds who are going to the polls! Might it be because of Donald Trump?

Many people like Donald Trump and many don't. I wonder if the crowds are going to the polls because they want Donald Trump to be Prez or if it's because citizens want to elect Hillary Clinton and have a female president... Most of us have seen the debates and pretty much know what each candidate stands for.

Either way, you can bet that the voter turnout will be HUGE! No doubt both candidates are going to make history and Hillary Clinton might become the first female President in the USA...

The lines to vote are already long and will even get longer as the elections get closer. Don't wait for the last minute to vote on this election, try to vote as soon as you can. The closer the final elections are, the more people are going to be voting and the more mayhem could start, which is something else you need to consider!

But, please go out and vote! Exercise your liberty to elect the candidate you feel will help our country prosper in the future!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

You Don't Need A Lot of Money To Secure Your Home From Burglars Or Intruders

Simply place alarms on your windows and doors by purchasing a unit for each opening of your home. If you hear an alarm, you know that an intruder or burglar is trying to break-in.

Intruders get scared away, if they hear an alarm go off when they break into a home. But you don't have to spend a lot of money to secure your home from an intruder or burglar. You see, the Mini Magnetic Door and Window Alarm with Disarm Key, is affordable and alerts you of criminals that try to invade your home!

The Mini Magnetic Door and Window Alarm with Disarm Key is affordable, only $9.95. They are available individually, so you can place only the amount of alarms you need. For example, if you live in a small apartment, you might get away with just 3 or 4 alarm units.

If an intruder or burglar attempts to steel your belongings by using a door or window opening, a 110dB alarm will sound. This in turn will deter any intruder and let you know that someone tried to enter your home.

These units that measure 2 1/2" x 1 /2" x 5/8", can also be used for protecting a gun or medicine cabinet, and an exterior sliding door, as well. Plus, the units include batteries and can also be deactivated if you wish!

This affordable, Mini Magnetic Door and Window Alarm with Disarm Key and 110dB alarm, is one of the most popular units we sell at!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ladies and Men’s Stun Guns With 21 Million Volts, Include a 120dB Personal Alarm and More!

It’s hard to find a stun gun with 120dB personal alarm but this one has one, plus other convenient self defense features against attackers!

These ladies and men's units were introduced by our website about a year ago. We have 3 models, 2 that have different pink designs for women and a third model which women or men can carry that include a black and white Chevron design.

21 Million Volt Stun Guns With Personal Alarm
- New technology: squeezing unit and touching attackers, drops them
- 120dB Personal alarm, unheard of for stun guns
- Extended reach offers more separation from attackers
- Disable pin wrist strap, attackers can’t use it against you
- Instead of 2 points of contact like other units, it has 3
- To charge, simply insert into a standard wall outlet, no cords needed
- Holster and belt loop are included
- Measures 5.5 inches x 1.875 inches x 1 inch.
- Lifetime warranty from manufacture’s defect

These 21 Million volt units, have all you need for ladies and men's self defense!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hand Gun Hider Book Safe "That Pending Storm", Model ML

Protect your children from getting your gun, by placing it in a disguised compartment, that looks like a book. Perfect for placing it on a shelf with your other REAL books!

That Pending Storm... is a real book sold at bookstores, but the unit we sell, is a disguised item that looks like the real book cover at bookstores but it's not really a reading book. You see this unit called the "That Pending Storm", is a hidden compartment for your firearm, Taser or stun gun! It's made by BookKASE and we have 4 different covers available.

These particular hidden compartment BookKASE units are called: Model "ML". The safe can hide medium to larger units such as semi-automatics up to 6" barrels or 4" revolvers up to 44 cal. Our store has 4 different covers.

The compartment is made of hydrophobic material called MR3. Which protects your firearm from absorbing the protective oils your weapon needs. You can lay the disguised book on it's side or up right. The cover is manufactured so that the weapon sits perfectly on the bottom of the book by extending the pages parallel to the bottom cover. Making it more sturdy and preventing it from falling over. This is in case you want to display it vertically.

At the moment, we have 4 "ML" models to choose from, in semi-automatics or revolvers! Perfect for your firearm, Taser or stun gun!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Mace Pepper Foam Large Model $19.95

This compact, yet powerful Mace pepper foam large model is ideal for outside, home, auto, RV, indoor or confined spaces. Accept no substitute, purchase the Mace brand.

A revolutionary defense spray that combines 10% pepper and foam to produce a powerful defense during an attack. The thick foam covers an assailant’s face, making it difficult to see while the OC Pepper forces the eyes to slam shut.

Mace Pepper Foam also includes ultraviolet UV dye to invisibly mark an assailant, which may aid in identification.

The Mace Pepper Foam Large model has a flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental discharge. The 67 gram unit contains 5 to 15 short bursts with an effective range of 6 to 10 feet.

Buy Mace pepper foam to defend yourself while keeping a safe distance from a dangerous attacker.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Chicago woman beats would-be rapist with crowbar, knocks him unconscious

By Fox 32 Chicago • Published October 19, 2016

A Chicago woman who said she was sexually assaulted by a neighbor beat him with a crowbar and knocked him unconscious.
Dorval Grice. (Chicago Police Dept.)

“All I know is somebody grabbed my hair. He kept saying I'm the Grim Reaper,” said Angela Ferguson.

She described waking up Monday morning in her home to a man on top of her who was demanding sex. At one point the suspect, 30-year-old Dorval Grice, allegedly threatened to kill her.
“He kept saying, don't look at me bitch, I'm the Grim Reaper. So he kept hitting me in my face, and doing blows to the head, so I did this, and I said please, please, why is you doing this?” Ferguson said.
Angela Ferguson, (Fox 32)
Dorval Grice was a longtime neighbor. He allegedly slipped in through a living room window that had a broken lock.
Ferguson showed FOX 32 where the attack happened and demonstrated how she grabbed a beer stein by her bed and fought off her attacker.
“When I kept hitting him, hitting him, he wouldn't give up. He wouldn't give up. I kept beating him, and seen blood everywhere. They say he had to have three surgeries on his head,” Ferguson said.
Somehow Ferguson pushed Grice out of her room, but she said he broke the door down and got back in. That's when she grabbed a crowbar from under her bed and fought him off once and for all.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Need A Stun Gun With All The Bells and Whistles? Get the Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun 9.5 Million Volts!

This unique stun gun for only $29.96, is not only powerful with 9.5 million volts, but it also has features other units simply do not have.
If you are a person that cares about details and needs a weapon that will fulfill all your expectations, this unit is for you! The Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun 9.5 Million Volts will not let you down. This particular unit comes with all the bells and whistles!

Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun 9.5 Million Volts Features
- Includes 9.5 Million Volts of self defense
- Large LED flashlight
- Emergency flashing red lights
- 130dB Alarm, most units in the market don’t have alarms
- Rubberized exterior, so it won’t slip from your hands
- Disable pin wrist strap, attacker can’t use it against you
- Convenient black holster
- Measures 4.75” x 2.5” x 1”
- Lifetime warranty from manufacturer’s defect

When using this unit that only cost’s $29.96, you don’t even have to push a rapist or attacker! Just simply touch them with the unit for a few seconds, until they drop to the ground and become incoherent. As simple as that! Then leave the scene quickly and don’t look back.

Monday, October 17, 2016 Has Added More Concealed Carry Purses and Backpacks

These aren’t your ordinary purses, they have special compartments for your weapon. Be it a taser, stun gun or firearm!

Our store has added many convenient purses that can conceal a weapon. They look like regular fashionable purses or backpacks, but are made to also hide a self defense unit. The purses come in several colors and models and so do the backpacks, for you adventurous souls that like camping outdoors!

All the fashionable Concealed Carry Purses have a special compartment for your self defense units, behind each purse or backpack. You can feel confident in college campuses, while taking public transportation, at work, walking, camping outdoors or even at bars that allow weapons.

Be confident every time you are out and about. Attackers don't like strong minded women. Plus, be certain that you can defend yourself during any dangerous situation when you carry a concealed carry unit.

NEW: Wildfire Pepper Spray with Rhinestone Bling Bling in 5 Colors, for Only $11!

These rhinestone units are so pretty, that they almost look like a perfume container... But perfume is not at all what they contain!
Nobody ever said that self defense, couldn't be also beautiful. These lovely units in 5 colors go well with any wardrobe. Take them to college, nightclubs, parties, when you exercise outdoors or any other place and feel safe that you are carrying protection.

You see all these Wildfire Pepper Spray with Rhinestone Bling Bling Holsters, have a beautiful pouch you can insert your finger in and spray an attacker. No need to unbutton the unit. They also include a quick key release key ring to add to your keychain. This allows you to unattach the unit from your home's door or car keyring, and use it against an attacker. VERY CONVENIENT! Plus, the self defense units also include 5 one-second bursts, reach 8 ft. away, locking actuator and UV marking dye. The UV Marking Dye is to identify your attacker if captured by police. The police will place him or her, under a UV lamp, verifying they caught the right individual!

Again, all these Wildfire Pepper Spray with Rhinestone Bling Bling Holsters are available in 5 colors and are perfect for college, nightclubs, parties, when you exercise outdoors or any other dangerous situation!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Do You Have a Bored Pet? Teach Him or Her Some Tricks!

I've had many dogs throughout my life, can't remember when I didn't! My parents loved them and our pets, loved and guarded our home and family.

Nothing can be better than a dog having a sense of loyalty and protection for their owners. It's instinctual for dogs to protect. But dogs aren't only for our protection... They are our companions and are very smart. PLUS, they like to learn! Canines can get bored sometimes, if you don't pay attention to them. Teaching a puppy or an adult canine tricks and playing with them, socializes them more with their owners.

Important Dog Tricks To Teach Your Dog 
  • Sit: simply lower their backside for a few seconds
  • Sit and Shake: while they are sitting, lift one of their front legs
  • Down: while they are sitting, request them to lay down (w/ head up)
  • Up: have your pup stand on their hind legs
  • Turn Around: show a treat, wave your hand over their head while turning
  • Fetch: teach your dog to get things for you, ball, toy, leash...
  • Come: teach him or her to be close to you
  • Ring Bell: teach your pet to let you know he/she, needs to GO outside!
Plus, remember never get mad at your dog while teaching them and praise them when they do the tricks. It will take time to teach them... Always gratify them with a treat, if they do what they are told! Our dog is small, so I give her a Cheerio and praise her each time! Practice this often, so they don't forget...

Friday, October 14, 2016

Ladies, Did You Know That It's BREAST CANCER MONTH? has self defense items that benefit women with Breast Cancer. If you purchase an item from the "Pink Ribbon Series", a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer!

We specifically have 5 items in our Pink Ribbon Series that will protect you from attackers and will help women that have this dreaded disease. All the following units are RECHARGEABLE, include LED light and are RUBBERIZED to prevent slippage from your hand!
  • Breast Cancer Self Defense Special - Includes a pink Mini Stun Gun with 8.8 million volts, light, disable pin and more! Plus, a pepper spray which shoots 5 bursts and reaches 8 feet.
  •  Keychain Stun Gun Pink - Includes 6 Million volts, built in charger, light, safety switch, pink holster, compact, easy to conceal unit, measuring only 3.5" x 1.25" x .75".
  • Lady Lifeguard Pink Stun Gun - Unit includes 6.5 Million volts, it's rechargeable, includes safety switch, rubberized coating, light, nylon holster and very slim, hides easily.
  • Pink Stun Pen -  Includes 2.5 Million volts, measures 6 1/2" x 1" thick, has light to temporarily blind an attacker, protective cap, rubberized exterior and holster.
All the self defense units from the "Pink Ribbon Series" have a Lifetime Warranty, from manufacturer's defects. One item includes a pepper spray, besides a stun gun! Plus, as mentioned before, a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

NEW: Wireless Child Leash w/ Yellow or Pink Wristband, Only $24.95

This incredible 70dB unit helps you keep track of your toddler, child, elderly loved one, pet, laptop or your keys. All you have to do, is wear the wristband!

If you are like me, you know what a pain it is to forget where you've placed something you are frantically looking for... More importantly, this Wireless Child Leash w/ Yellow or Pink Wristband, was invented with children in mind. If your child exceeds a set distance, the unit's 70dB alarm will alert you. Plus, your child or elderly loved one, can also alert you because it includes a two-way alarm. This allows you or perhaps your elderly loved one, to notify you with just a simple press of a button!

This unit can reach 10 to 100 feet, battery included, has 70dB, two-way alarm, works with IOS system and Android and measures 9 7/8" x 1/2" x 3/4". For more details go to the link above!
Please keep in mind that this Wireless Child Leash w/ Yellow or Pink Wristband, is not a TOTAL substitute for Parental or other supervision, such as the Elderly!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tiny 10 Million Volt Stun Gun w/Flashlight, Only Measures 3.5 Inches Long!

A concealed weapon for women or men that offers an element of surprise to a would be attacker. You can easily hide this unit in your hand, without anyone knowing you are carrying protection!

If you don't like to carry bulky items for self defense, your dream has come true... This unit called, Slider 10 Million Volt Stun Gun w/Flashlight 4.9 Milliamps, is just what you need. It's tiny, just measures 3.5" long which makes it easy to conceal.

The tiny unit, measures exactly 3.5" x 1" x 1/2" and built with the highest quality aircraft aluminum, making it virtually indestructible. It actually looks like a flash drive, but it definitely isn't!

This concealable 10 Million Volt unit for self defense, is also available in 5 colors: gold, blue, black, silver and pink. Perfect for carrying it while you are walking, jogging, running or simply just making errands... A convenient flashlight is attached to the unit and it also comes with a wrist strap and charging cord. Perfect for women or men's self defense!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NEW PRODUCT: Black Jack Stun Gun with Built-in Alarm 21 Million Volts for Self defense!

Our newest self defense product has your back, with features that most other stun guns don't have. Read below, you will find that you can't be without one! 

Let's go straight to the point. It's called the Black Jack Stun Gun With Built-in Alarm 20 Million Volts. Instead of informing you about what it's capable of, we will simply list the incredible features of this self defense unit! Plus, of course it's available for women or men.

Black Jack Stun Gun With Built-in Alarm 20 Million Volts Features
• Unit includes 120dB alarm
• Easy to use, simply squeeze the unit and touch the attacker
• Light stays on, even when stunning an attacker
• Includes disable pin, preventing attacker from using the unit against you
• Ergonomic design, fits comfortably in your hand
• Includes triple technology with loud electrical burst
• Has a built-in charger, simply plugs into wall socket
• A convenient holster is included
• Includes Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer's defect
• Measures 5.5" x 1.875" x 1"

This Black Jack Stun Gun With Built-in Alarm 20 Million Volts also includes a durable holster, wrist strap with disable pin and instructions! (internal alarm contains 120dB)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Have You Ever Heard of Mace® Pepper Gels or the Night Defender Unit?

Most women know about Mace® Pepper Spray, but in case you didn't know, it's also now offered in gel form. The gel sticks better on an attacker's face. Plus, one unit also includes an LED light!

This Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender is one of our most popular self defense units in our store. The brand is reliable and effective in preventing rape or sexual assault. Plus, the self defense unit includes a built-in bright LED Light (33 lux at 1m). The light activates when the cap is lifted. Perfect for aiming it toward an attacker or rapist's eyes, therefore disorienting them. When you spray this particular pepper gel, it engulf's an attacker's face. It can penetrate into the eyes, nose, mouth and can even be inhaled. The rapist or attacker will be more concerned about their pain and temporary blindness, rather than you. This gives women or men a window of opportunity to escape safely!

Since this particular self defense unit includes a GEL instead of spray, it will stick better and longer on the rapist or attacker's face. Add to that an LED light and now you are able to temporarily blind an individual, offering you even more protection!

The above Mace® Pepper Gel units can shoot up to 10 to 20 short bursts and reach up to 18 feet away. The units for women or men, are also available in larger, Magnum 3 and 4, but don't carry an LED light.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Huge Hurricane Matthew Demands Respect!

I was raised in Florida and seen several hurricane storms threaten our State... Hurricane Betsy, Katrina, Andrew, Agnes, Wilma and more! 

OK, I've enjoyed in my life many hurricane parties. Family and friends gathering together with candle light and goodies to eat... But, there have also been scary situations, like watching a tree fall over, within an inch from your home! The fear of how long will it be when the electricity comes back on? Will the shelves of grocery stores be emptied out?

You see, the hurricane might only take 24 hours to pass over your city, but the damage can endure for months! Many people might find themselves with no roof over their heads, no clean water to drink and a load of ruined grocery that has spoiled from having no electricity. Not to mentioned the debris... Which can stay in your area for months, before the trash finally gets picked up in your neighborhood!

Most of the time, you need boiled water because it can be contaminated. I remember my parents filling the bathtub with water, to later use the boiled water for drinking or cooking. If you have a gas stove, barbecue unit or a very large cooler, you'll probably be one of the lucky ones... PLUS, don't forget to fill up your vehicle's tank!

At WomenOnGuard, we suggest you take any strong storm, seriously. Even if you think you won't be impacted, it's better to be prepared.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

You Don't Need Much Money for Pepper Spray, Buy One for Only $8.49!

Women or men can purchase an inexpensive self defense Wildfire Pepper Spray18% at our store, for only $8.49... It includes a Quick Key Release Keychain, as well!

This particular pepper spray that's available in blue, pink, red and black, is perfect for people on the go! Great for college, and easy to use because all us women or men need to do, is turn the red lever to the right and press down, thats it! This Wildfire Pepper Spray18%, also includes a quick key release keychian, which is convenient when your keychain is in your car's ignition or inside a door knob. You see, the unit can snap off easily, allowing you to use the pepper spray immediately at an attacker. Most units don't have this Quick Key Release Keychain feature! Plus, it's only $8.49!

You can pick a color from our store: blue, pink, red or black. The self defense units can all spray approximately 8 feet away, contain 5 one-second bursts, have a quick key release keychain, belt clip and UV marking dye. The dye is convenient, because if an attacker or rapist is captured by police, law enforcement can place the individual next to a UV lamp and confirm that they caught the right individual! All this incredible self defense unit, for only $8.49!

Monday, October 3, 2016

California expands punishment for rape after Brown signs bills inspired by Brock Turner case

SEPT. 30, 2016

Jazmine Ulloa

Brock Turner leaves the Santa Clara County Main Jail on 
Sept. 2 n San Jose, Calif. (Dan Honda/Bay Area News Group/TNS)

Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday signed legislation that expands the legal definition of rape and imposes new mandatory minimum sentences on some sexual assault offenders -- measures inspired amid national outcry over the sexual assault case of former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner.

The decision comes as heated debate has raged this year over the mishandling of sexual assault investigations on U.S. college campuses by police agencies and courts. But increasing punishment for sex offenders posed a challenge for Brown, as the state has been undertaking a broader effort to move away from a focus on prison sentences.

In a message released with his signature, Brown said he was generally opposed to adding more mandatory minimum sentences.

"Nevertheless, I am signing AB 2888, because I believe it brings a measure of parity to sentencing for criminal acts that are substantially similar," he said.

Assembly Bill 2888, authored by Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell) and Assemblyman Bill Dodd (D-Napa), will prohibit judges from giving convicted offenders probation when they sexually assault someone who is unconscious or intoxicated.
Assembly Bill 701 by Assemblywomen Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) and Susan Talamantes Eggman (D-Stockton), will expand the legal definition of rape so it includes all forms of nonconsensual sexual assault.

Currently under the law, those convicted of rape using additional physical force must serve prison time. But offenders, like Turner, convicted of sexually assaulting someone who is unconscious or incapable of giving consent because of intoxication, can receive a lesser sentence based on a judge’s discretion.

Rape has previously been defined as “an act of sexual intercourse" under certain conditions of force, duress or lack of consent. Other types of sexual assault, like penetration by a foreign object, were categorized as separate offenses.

The laws go into effect on Jan. 1, 2017.

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