Tuesday, October 4, 2016

You Don't Need Much Money for Pepper Spray, Buy One for Only $8.49!

Women or men can purchase an inexpensive self defense Wildfire Pepper Spray18% at our WomenOnGuard.com store, for only $8.49... It includes a Quick Key Release Keychain, as well!

This particular pepper spray that's available in blue, pink, red and black, is perfect for people on the go! Great for college, and easy to use because all us women or men need to do, is turn the red lever to the right and press down, thats it! This Wildfire Pepper Spray18%, also includes a quick key release keychian, which is convenient when your keychain is in your car's ignition or inside a door knob. You see, the unit can snap off easily, allowing you to use the pepper spray immediately at an attacker. Most units don't have this Quick Key Release Keychain feature! Plus, it's only $8.49!

You can pick a color from our store: blue, pink, red or black. The self defense units can all spray approximately 8 feet away, contain 5 one-second bursts, have a quick key release keychain, belt clip and UV marking dye. The dye is convenient, because if an attacker or rapist is captured by police, law enforcement can place the individual next to a UV lamp and confirm that they caught the right individual! All this incredible self defense unit, for only $8.49!

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