Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Huge Hurricane Matthew Demands Respect!

I was raised in Florida and seen several hurricane storms threaten our State... Hurricane Betsy, Katrina, Andrew, Agnes, Wilma and more! 

OK, I've enjoyed in my life many hurricane parties. Family and friends gathering together with candle light and goodies to eat... But, there have also been scary situations, like watching a tree fall over, within an inch from your home! The fear of how long will it be when the electricity comes back on? Will the shelves of grocery stores be emptied out?

You see, the hurricane might only take 24 hours to pass over your city, but the damage can endure for months! Many people might find themselves with no roof over their heads, no clean water to drink and a load of ruined grocery that has spoiled from having no electricity. Not to mentioned the debris... Which can stay in your area for months, before the trash finally gets picked up in your neighborhood!

Most of the time, you need boiled water because it can be contaminated. I remember my parents filling the bathtub with water, to later use the boiled water for drinking or cooking. If you have a gas stove, barbecue unit or a very large cooler, you'll probably be one of the lucky ones... PLUS, don't forget to fill up your vehicle's tank!

At WomenOnGuard, we suggest you take any strong storm, seriously. Even if you think you won't be impacted, it's better to be prepared.

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