Monday, October 24, 2016

Hand Gun Hider Book Safe "That Pending Storm", Model ML

Protect your children from getting your gun, by placing it in a disguised compartment, that looks like a book. Perfect for placing it on a shelf with your other REAL books!

That Pending Storm... is a real book sold at bookstores, but the unit we sell, is a disguised item that looks like the real book cover at bookstores but it's not really a reading book. You see this unit called the "That Pending Storm", is a hidden compartment for your firearm, Taser or stun gun! It's made by BookKASE and we have 4 different covers available.

These particular hidden compartment BookKASE units are called: Model "ML". The safe can hide medium to larger units such as semi-automatics up to 6" barrels or 4" revolvers up to 44 cal. Our store has 4 different covers.

The compartment is made of hydrophobic material called MR3. Which protects your firearm from absorbing the protective oils your weapon needs. You can lay the disguised book on it's side or up right. The cover is manufactured so that the weapon sits perfectly on the bottom of the book by extending the pages parallel to the bottom cover. Making it more sturdy and preventing it from falling over. This is in case you want to display it vertically.

At the moment, we have 4 "ML" models to choose from, in semi-automatics or revolvers! Perfect for your firearm, Taser or stun gun!

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