Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Stun Gun Disguised as a Cell Phone

Introducing the rechargeable, Immobilizer Pink Cell Phone Stun Gun. It looks like a cell phone, but it isn't. This is really a weapon in disguise that contains 5.5 million volts of self defense power! Just the sound that this device makes when you set it off into the air, will make anyone try to run for cover!

This powerful self defense stun gun is compact and looks like a smart phone. Besides it's 5.5 million volts, it has a built in 6 LED flashlight, for better visibility in dark places. A rubberized exterior gives you a firm grip of the weapon and protects the unit. It's also rechargeable! No need for batteries... The built-in charger just flips out of the back of this unit, making it easy to simply plug into a wall socket!

Just touching an attacker with the Immobilizer Pink Cell Phone Stun Gun for less than a second, will cause muscle contractions. If you touch them for 1 to 2 seconds it will cause muscle spasms and a dazed mental state. If you continue for 3 to 5 seconds, the attacker will loose their balance and muscle control, he or she will have total mental confusion and disorientation. But the effects are not permanent, they will last just enough time for you to escape safely. Plus don't worry, even if the attacker is touching you while you stun them, you will never feel an electrical charge back! The weapon has 2 safety features that will prevent accidental discharge, as well.

The Immobilizer Pink Cell Phone Stun Gun comes with a convenient holster with clip, that you can hang from your pocket or belt. It easily fits in a purse too! This self defense product is very small, less than 4 inches tall by 1 7/8 wide and 3/4 thick. And remember, it's also rechargeable... Plus, to top it off, it has a LIFETIME WARRANTY and a portion of proceeds goes to fight BREAST CANCER!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hurricanes and Our Infrastructure

History will repeat itself this summer, with hurricanes in our weather forecast. Tropical storm Debby is the next threat to our everlasting, American costly dilemma, when it comes to dealing with these predictable annual events.

Whether global warming exists or not, the fact is that cities like New Orleans, with 49% of it's land under sea level, will always have deadly issues. The USA has, year after year,  turned it's back on the problems some of our cities encounter with tropical storms and hurricanes. This leads to huge costs, that if finally addressed, wouldn't be eating at our pockets, every, single, year! Whether it's global warming or not, we shouldn't just stare at it and do nothing.

Photo by
Many cities in Europe have had infrastructure issues with flooding, like New Orleans has, specifically in the Netherlands, or Holland. In most cases the flooding really wasn't related to weather, like tropical storm Debby. The Dutch have 25% of their land, under sea level, yet you don't hear about many deaths occurring recently! Why? Because they have tackled their problems. They did this years ago when they upgraded their infrastructure by building 1,864 miles of outer sea-dikes along with inner canals and river-dikes. We need to learn from them and improve our infrastructure. Not only in Louisiana, but in other areas where floods are predominant, such as along the Mississippi River.

Storms like Debby or hurricane weather forecasts, are not going to go away. New Orleans or the Mississippi River will not, all of a sudden, dry up! Not only will these improvements save lives, but they will also help our infrastructure with global warming and provide much needed jobs that Americans so desperately need. 


Friday, June 22, 2012

Mace Multi Task Personal Alarm

Everything you ever wanted in an ear piercing personal alarm, is in this unit. Made by Mace, lets you know that it's also a dependable product!

First of all, this Mace, 3 in 1 Sport Strobe, is reliable, little and packs a 130 decibel blast that will let others know if you are in danger. Take it with you wherever you go. It's small enough to put in a purse, briefcase or backpack. It's also great to take with you for power walking, running or jogging. Even seniors can benefit from it if they are bedridden and need a caregiver's attention! This Mace personal alarm measures only 3 inches tall, 2 1/4 wide and 1 inch thick. It also has a convenient belt clip, in the back, making it easy for you to take it to work, college or anywhere else. Simply pull off the string that has a pin attached to the unit and it will set off an ear piercing blast, no matter where you are!

Second, besides having a loud alarm, is also contains a flashing strobe light. This can be seen by others and it's a signal of distress! The light can also be set to not flash, thus converting it into a convenient flashlight, enabling you to see better in dark places.

And Third, the Mace, 3 in 1 Sport Strobe includes a convenient attachment that converts this personal alarm into a door or window alarm too! This comes in handy for college dorms or hotel rooms. It will let you know if an intruder attempts to get in.

Plus, keep in mind that this product, which can also be used as a door and window alarm, is allowed in all 50 states. There are no restrictions whatsoever on the usage of this product. It's OK to use in colleges and even for traveling to different countries, where it could be handy for hotel doors and windows!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What is 18% Pepper Foam?

Many people don't know what pepper foam is. You don't hear about someone being pepper foamed in the news. So, most women in general, are unaware that this foam weapon even exists!

Like most pepper spray, when the foam is used, it looks like a long stream of liquid. Unfortunately, most women think that pepper spray looks like hair spray, but it doesn't. Only "fogger pepper sprays", shoot out a coned mist. This unit contains a heavy foam which helps prevent it from flying back at you, especially if there is a little wind around. The 18% pepper foam starts off looking like a regular stream, but when it reaches an attacker's face, it expands 600%! It will cover the attacker's entire face, even when you just aim it at their eyes. This expansion is convenient, because when you are in a dangerous situation, your aim is often less than perfect. Plus, as mentioned before, the foam is a heavier substance than a plain spray, therefore, it is also less likely to be blown away by some wind or worse, blown back at you! This also makes it easier for us women to reach our target! But even so, it's always a good idea to run away right after you spray someone! No point in hanging around...

This StreetWise Pepper Foam, also has an 18% CERTIFIED HEAT RATE, versus only 10% that other similar weapons have. This is 46% stronger than other similar weapons! It is derived from 4 Million Scoville Heat Units (SHU). It also contains an invisible UV Dye, that helps police identify an attacker when captured! This unit can reach from 5 to 7 feet away and contains approximately 6 shots. This compact unit measures 5 inches tall. It has a convenient key ring too.

If you need any more information about this 18% weapon, please contact us!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pool Safety for Children in the Summer

Summer officially starts tomorrow, but many people are already swimming in coastal areas. Typically, this is the time of year when parents have concerns over their children's safety at beaches, lakes and pools.

Photo by Remco Douma
Parents are aware of the dangers that children confront when faced with deep water, yet with all the action going on during these summer outings, sometimes it's easy to get distracted from dangerous situations. Parents should always supervise their children when they are in the water. Supervising means watch them at all times, do not also read, have a phone conversation, barbeque, mow the lawn... A drowning occurs very quickly and quietly and can very easily happen unnoticed! It is also advisable for parents to take CPR classes, because every second is crucial when someone is drowning. In fact, it is advisable for parents to be in the water with their children. In other words, to be close enough, in case something should happen and they can act quickly. This is especially critical if you are at the beach, river or a lake.

Pool Alarm
If you happen to have a pool, there are some things you can do to prevent your children from drowning, especially if they are toddlers. Install a fence around your pool. It should be at least 4 feet high with self latching doors that open out and are not reachable by a child. Also, it might be a good idea, not to have water toys lying around when the pool is not being used, such as balls, masks, rafts, etc. It will be less tempting for a child to want to get in the pool and play with their toys, and you happen to be inside the house unaware of what's going on.

Another thing you can do is purchase a Pool Alarm for your pool which is a must if you have children. It comes with a monitor and a receiver. The monitor is easily installed outside, on the the pool deck. It senses unusual splashing and will sound an alarm outside as well as through the receiver which is mounted inside your home! The monitor is always active or on. You simply have to put it into the sleep mode, if you want to go for a swim. If you're inside or outside and you hear an alarm go off, you will know someone or something splashed into your water hole! It is also a great safety monitor if you have pets that are outside in the yard and happen to get near the pool and accidently fall in. The monitor can be installed up to 200 feet away from the receiver. Click on the link above for more details on this alarm.

Have a wonderful and safe summer!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Special Offers Category at

At WomenOnGuard, we try to offer the latest self defense products and weapons on the market today. To make room for newer products, we placed the older ones on a separate category called "Special Offers". They are available at a HUGE discount and, of course, warranties still apply!

Our Special Offers category has self defense products that are available at a discount or below market price. Some are there because they have been discontinued or simply replaced by newer versions of the same weapon. These items are new, not used or returned! They still are powerful self defense items.

Flashing Bicycle Safety Light
We have several products and weapons featured in the Special Offers section of our website. They include most of all the categories they were placed under previously. You will find pepper spray, mace products, stun guns, batons, cell phone stun guns and batteries, along with other items you might find interesting.

Browse through this unique category at WomenOnGuard and take advantage of all these NEW products, available at a deep discount! Plus, as always, you can contact us with any questions.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two Self Defense Products in One!

Are you looking for a weapon with convenience? Well you found it! This is a 200,000 volts stun gun with a convenient, 130 decibel alarm, all in one neat little item, for only $26.21.

Photo by TheeErin
This small self defense product is only 4 9/16 inches tall, but it's power to defend you from an attacker is much bigger. It includes a disable pin too! What is a disable pin you might ask? Well it is a strap that you place around your wrist and is attached to your stun gun weapon. If you are confronted with an attacker and he or she, tries to take your weapon away, the strap stays on your wrist and the unit won't work if they try to stun you! This is a safety feature that pretty much guarantees, your weapon cannot be turned against you! This unique self defense feature is very handy and something a regular gun would most likely, not include.

The Stun Gun 200,000 volts Built-in Alarm is small enough to put in your purse, briefcase or backpack. It's manufactured with a belt clip attached and also comes with a convenient nylon holster with belt loop, in case you want to wear it on your hip. This device also has a safety switch to prevent it from accidentally discharging. Plus it has a Lifetime Warranty!

Please contact us, if you have any questions on this stun device with an alarm or any other self defense item that is on our website.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Women Targeted Instead of Embraced in our Society

Is it just our imagination or are women in our society, being targeted and blamed for all our nation's problems?

Be it direct attacks like physical crimes against women such as rape or accusations that women should just stop having sex because they might get pregnant. A Woman is accused of being a whore or a prostitute because she wants to be fulfilled sexually... men excluded, of course. All of a sudden they are baby killers, bad mothers or the reason their sons become mass murderers. Plus let's not forget about domestic violence victims, who's only crime, was to marry the wrong man! Domestic violence is usually a hush, hush situation. These violent cases are rampant, yet you rarely hear about them in the news, unless of course it's about a movie star involved in a domestic violence situation...

Photograpy by hjl
There literally IS an attack against women in our American society. Most of these attacks are unfortunately coming from high profile individuals lately, and even from elected officials that us women actually voted for! Laws are presently being passed that restrict women from fulfilling their professional as well as their personal lives.

It's disconcerting, to read so many articles about women being abused abroad, while here in our own country, women are also treated disrespectfully and yes, as second class citizens too. Most Americans don't know that there's an average of 207,754 victims of rape, annually in our country (as per the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). That is an average of 1 rape, occurring every 2 minutes! This figure doesn't include sexual assaults that are not reported to the police by it's victims. These are for the most part, hate crimes. To make it worse, we have to hear about elected officials, almost trying to put us back in caves and dragging us by our hair... If they had their way, they would not allow women to work outside of their homes, let alone vote!

Fortunately in our society, women are the majority of voters and social media, such as FaceBook exists. We can change this trend. Our hope is that women will choose to vote for issues or candidates that help women and not hurt them. Because in the end, all societies are judged by how people treat their women and children. We have a long ways to go and we need to stand by each other and not allow this trend against women, to continue!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lady Lightning Rod, A Stun Gun Built for Women

You wouldn't think by looking at it, but this pink rod is a sophisticated, powerful stun gun weapon! With 2.5 million volts, it's powerful enough to bring any attacker down and make them totally helpless.

The Lady Lightning Rod Stun Pen, is stronger than most stun guns and built with women in mind. It comes in a fashionable pink color with a matching pink, slick leather-like holster. This weapon looks like a small thin flashlight. It actually does have an LED flashlight, but it also packs an unexpected stun gun punch! Women can just touch an attacker with this stun pen for a couple of seconds and he or she might easily fall down and become confused. Keep touching the attacker with this weapon for 5 seconds or more and they will become disoriented, definitely fall down and be dazed and helpless for minutes! This will give you an opportunity to escape unharmed.

The Lady Lightning Rod Stun Pen for women, measures 6.5 inches long by approximately 1 inch wide. It makes a very intimidating electrical sound when fired into the air or used on an attacker. The outer coat of this device is rubberized, to prevent it from slipping out of your hand. It also has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge... Plus, it is RECHARGEABLE, no need to buy batteries. And last but not least, it also has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Protect Yourself from Wild Animals when Camping

Photo by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Going Camping this Summer? Keep in mind that there may be bears, wolves or mountain lions around, depending on where your destination is. Below is some information on how to stay safe from wild animals, while camping.

If you are taking your family out camping this summer, make sure you take with you an animal deterrent such as the Mace Bear Pepper Spray. This is a must have for campers, people that go fishing, hiking and of course hunting. This product will not only protect you from bears, but it can also protect you from wolves, wild hogs and mountain lions!

The Mace Bear Pepper Spray can reach up to 35 feet. It sprays a fog, so after you spray it at an animal, you should run from the fog itself and or course, from the wild animal too! If you go hiking, fishing or hunting, keep in mind that this product is to be sprayed only on aggressive animals and not to be used on surfaces. For example, never spray your tent or belongings with it. Never spray your surroundings or equipment. Some people think that if they do this, it will deter wolves, wild hogs and mountain lions from getting close. Wrong... If you spray it around the campgrounds, it will actually ATTRACT WILD ANIMALS! Don't forget that pepper is a spice. Humans aren't the only ones that like food with spice! Animals are also attracted by the scent of pepper.

Camping can be fun, but only if you carry with you the necessities required to be safe in the wilderness, such as the Mace Bear Pepper Spray. It's not just made for hunting. It is also handy for hiking and fishing too! Enjoy your wilderness summer vacation!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Double Self Defense Power!

Impressive is not enough to describe this weapon... Show the sparks of this shocking device to an attacker and watch him run away. This truly defines having a handle on your self defense!

Not only is the Double Trouble Stun Gun a sight to behold, it also is very powerful. Just discharge this unit up in the air and no one will want to be near you! Even the sound of it, lets people know it will hurt! The 1.2 million volt weapon has 2 stunning areas, twice the defense on an attacker. The appearance is not just for looks, but for ergonomic purposes. This device is very comfortable in your hand and gives you an extension that feels natural. The entire weapon has a soft rubber surface, that helps you grip it even more and prevents it from sliding off your fingers. It also has an activation or safety switch. Touching an attacker with this stun gun for 1 to 4 seconds can cause the person to fall down and have mental confusion, it will prevent a person from continuing an attack. If you touch them for a full 5 seconds or more, it will disorient them, make them lose their balance and fall. The shock will leave them weak and dazed for minutes after the attempted attack.

Keep this defense weapon in your purse, briefcase or backpack. It also includes a nylon holster if you prefer to wear it on your hip! The Double Trouble Stun Gun, requires 3 lithium batteries that are included with the purchase of the unit.

Always remember to have the Double Trouble Stun Gun in your hand and ready to fire, when walking through dangerous areas, such as parking lots, alleys, stairways, etc. Or in any other dangerous situations you may encounter.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Massive Killings are Rampant in the USA

Photo by Emily Stanchfield
It seems like every other day in the USA, deranged or disgruntled men kill not just one, but a few people and then kill themselves with a gun. The latest is a man in Seattle, that killed 5 and afterwards himself. This occurred last Wednesday.

Massive killings like these were not common in the past. When someone killed several people, the media reported it. So the excuse of having more communication in this day and age, doesn't apply in shooting cases. We have a problem with guns in this country and we need to do something about it! Unless a country is in war, you rarely hear about shootings abroad. The only country that comes close to our ratings is Mexico, due to it's drug wars.

These massive killings are usually not related to drugs, but to mental illness or simply anger. Men are killing with weapons, their wives, children and randomly including others that just happen to be in the way! Anger could have derived from lack of employment, self esteem, jealousy or any other situation, including mental illness, for these men. Again, these unstable situations also existed in the past, without someone shooting others.

The reason for most of these shootings is the lack of control our country has over guns or any other sort of lethal weapon. We need to tackle the problem by placing stricter qualifications for a person to purchase a weapon. Having people running around killing each other, is not what the USA should be like. We deserve a safer country.

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