Friday, June 1, 2012

Massive Killings are Rampant in the USA

Photo by Emily Stanchfield
It seems like every other day in the USA, deranged or disgruntled men kill not just one, but a few people and then kill themselves with a gun. The latest is a man in Seattle, that killed 5 and afterwards himself. This occurred last Wednesday.

Massive killings like these were not common in the past. When someone killed several people, the media reported it. So the excuse of having more communication in this day and age, doesn't apply in shooting cases. We have a problem with guns in this country and we need to do something about it! Unless a country is in war, you rarely hear about shootings abroad. The only country that comes close to our ratings is Mexico, due to it's drug wars.

These massive killings are usually not related to drugs, but to mental illness or simply anger. Men are killing with weapons, their wives, children and randomly including others that just happen to be in the way! Anger could have derived from lack of employment, self esteem, jealousy or any other situation, including mental illness, for these men. Again, these unstable situations also existed in the past, without someone shooting others.

The reason for most of these shootings is the lack of control our country has over guns or any other sort of lethal weapon. We need to tackle the problem by placing stricter qualifications for a person to purchase a weapon. Having people running around killing each other, is not what the USA should be like. We deserve a safer country.

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