Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Protect Yourself from Wild Animals when Camping

Photo by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Going Camping this Summer? Keep in mind that there may be bears, wolves or mountain lions around, depending on where your destination is. Below is some information on how to stay safe from wild animals, while camping.

If you are taking your family out camping this summer, make sure you take with you an animal deterrent such as the Mace Bear Pepper Spray. This is a must have for campers, people that go fishing, hiking and of course hunting. This product will not only protect you from bears, but it can also protect you from wolves, wild hogs and mountain lions!

The Mace Bear Pepper Spray can reach up to 35 feet. It sprays a fog, so after you spray it at an animal, you should run from the fog itself and or course, from the wild animal too! If you go hiking, fishing or hunting, keep in mind that this product is to be sprayed only on aggressive animals and not to be used on surfaces. For example, never spray your tent or belongings with it. Never spray your surroundings or equipment. Some people think that if they do this, it will deter wolves, wild hogs and mountain lions from getting close. Wrong... If you spray it around the campgrounds, it will actually ATTRACT WILD ANIMALS! Don't forget that pepper is a spice. Humans aren't the only ones that like food with spice! Animals are also attracted by the scent of pepper.

Camping can be fun, but only if you carry with you the necessities required to be safe in the wilderness, such as the Mace Bear Pepper Spray. It's not just made for hunting. It is also handy for hiking and fishing too! Enjoy your wilderness summer vacation!

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