Friday, June 15, 2012

Special Offers Category at

At WomenOnGuard, we try to offer the latest self defense products and weapons on the market today. To make room for newer products, we placed the older ones on a separate category called "Special Offers". They are available at a HUGE discount and, of course, warranties still apply!

Our Special Offers category has self defense products that are available at a discount or below market price. Some are there because they have been discontinued or simply replaced by newer versions of the same weapon. These items are new, not used or returned! They still are powerful self defense items.

Flashing Bicycle Safety Light
We have several products and weapons featured in the Special Offers section of our website. They include most of all the categories they were placed under previously. You will find pepper spray, mace products, stun guns, batons, cell phone stun guns and batteries, along with other items you might find interesting.

Browse through this unique category at WomenOnGuard and take advantage of all these NEW products, available at a deep discount! Plus, as always, you can contact us with any questions.
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