Monday, June 30, 2008

Courts are banning words that are crucial for defendants

There is a disturbing trend being taken by courts around the country that bans or makes certain words inadmissible in trials. Words such as RAPE, VICTIM, HOMICIDE, etc are not being acknowledged by judges because using those terms would, according to them, make the jury assume the defendant is already guilty of the crime. For instance, a woman cannot say she was "raped" in court. She has to use the words, "had intercourse". More words that are banned in courts are; crime scene, murder, terrorist, gang... If these words are used, they are removed from the testimony. According to a defense attorney, "the very words themselves assume facts not in evidence".

This is of most concern for many women that are rape victims. As it stands now, many women feel intimidated to charge their rapists with the crime and go through the whole court ordeal. These bans will make it even harder for women to present their cases and deter even more women from going to court. This of course will lead to more rapists getting away with their crimes!

If you are interested in reading more about this matter go to Taboo Trial Words: 'Drunk', 'Victim', 'Rape'

Friday, June 27, 2008

Yet another pregnant female soldier found dead in North Carolina

The body of Spc. Megan Lynn Touma, 23 was found in a motel bathtub last Saturday by a maintenance supervisor of the motel. She was staying temporarily there after arriving from a base in Germany. Megan was 7 months pregnant and was looking forward to having her baby.

Police have ruled her death suspicious. Apparently she wasn't reported missing by the Army, which is not in accordance with Army regulations. She had not shown up at a formation on June 16 and was suppose to have been reported missing after 24 hours. The Army didn't even go check her motel room in which her body stayed for 2 days according to her ex-husband. He stated that they said she was AWOL. The Army has started an investigation regarding this overlooked case.

This is the second time in NC where a pregnant soldier has been found dead in less than a year. This does not look good for the military in general who have been failing female soldiers by ignoring numerous sexual assaults or rapes reported by women. This is yet another example of that negligence.

For more details, click on the headline of this article.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Federal Supreme Court rules that all Americans have the right to bear arms

It's official, for the first time in history the Supreme Court passed the ruling today, June 26, 2008. This means that slowly, the cities in this country that had bans on handguns, such as Washington DC, will have to change their restrictions. Of course, you would still need a permit, you can't be insane, you would not be allowed to take guns into schools, etc.

I personally prefer to carry a non-lethal weapon such as my Taser C2. As some of you know Tasers and Stun Guns have had restrictions in several cities such as New York, Michigan, Chicago and others. This new Supreme Court ruling will probably eliminate these restrictions and allow citizens from those cities that want to purchase non lethal, self defense products, to finally do so.

Hopefully this decision will help more Americans than hurt them!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do you stay in hotel rooms alot?

If you are one of those people that travels and stays in many hotel rooms, you may experience some vulnerability to intruders. When you are ready to go to bed, you might consider, for your piece of mind, placing a door alarm under the room's door.

The Door Stop Alarm is a handy item to take with you on trips. Whether you are away on vacation or a business trip, it is handy and small to include in your baggage or purse. Use this 125db doorstop alarm to block a door from being opened. If anyone tries to open the door, this alarm will sound. There is also a movement sensor with adjustable sensitivity to activate the alarm if tampered with. An on/off switch allows the alarm to be turned off so that it doesn't go off in your luggage.

Enjoy and relax in your next resting spot, knowing that you will be notified if someone tries to intrude!

Monday, June 23, 2008

When was the last time you took an after dinner stroll around your block in the evening?

It's always nice to go for a walk after a filling dinner to help you digest your food. During summer nights, it's even more enjoyable because there usually is a nice cool breeze and you can smell the flowers of your neighbors lawns and hear an occasional bark of a dog. It's one of those pleasurable things you can enjoy that is free and good for you.

My sister and her husband enjoy this time together and walk most evenings. I, on the other hand, don't. It's not because I'm lazy or too busy, it's because I feel that walking by myself or with a friend at night is unsafe. Unless I am part of a group, I really would rather stay at home. My brother in law is 6'2" tall and would be a deterrent if anyone decides to mug or rape my sister. Fortunately for men and especially tall men, the threat of an attack is less likely than if he were a woman. This is the unfortunate reality we have to live with in our society and in many societies around the world. Physical dominance is still practiced over the usually weaker female.

If you are one of those women that likes to take a stroll in the evening outdoors or wants to enjoy it, please make sure you carry a self defense product with you. Make it a habit to leave your keys next to your stun gun or better yet, have your keys attached to a pepper spray that has a keychain. Taking some kind of non-lethal product for self defense would help you feel more secure and more able to enjoy your walks.

Sunday, June 22, 2008 Makes Pepper Spray Donation to a Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Wisconsin.

For the month of June, has chosen to donate products to: The Healing Center in Milwaukee, WI. This center offers sexual abuse and assault survivors and their loved ones, opportunities for healing through support, advocacy and community education.

Indian Beach, NC June 20, 2008. Every two minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted and for that reason donates products to a different sexual assault crisis center around the country on a monthly basis. is an e-commerce website that sells non-lethal, self defense products such as Mace products, pepper spray, stun guns, Taser products, personal alarms and home protection products. This website includes hotlines, safety tips, helpful links and a Blog for it’s customers.

The Healing Center, which is located in Milwaukee, WI, was founded in 2000 by a group of survivors, service providers, and community members whose goal was to create an innovative advocacy center for those affected by sexual violence. The idea of The Healing Center was born out of individual conversations, focus groups consisting of community members, professionals, and survivors, and an advisory committee. From this, The Healing Center was formed and began offering services in 2002.

One of the co-owners of, Martha Z. Martinez stated, “I spoke with Maryann Clesceri, the Executive Director of the Center, and she mentioned that they offer a self defense class to abused victims on a regular basis. The class is taught by a police officer from the community, who will distribute the pepper sprays donated by to the participants in the next class.

Susan Eaton, co-owner mentioned, “Milwaukee, like other cities in this country, has had it’s share of rapes. Just this week, on Wednesday the 11th, Rodney Washington, was convicted by a jury on seven counts of sexual assault that occurred in the ‘90s. Rodney Washington could be ordered to spend 190 years in prison when he is sentenced July 7th. His victims were two 14 year-olds, a 15 year-old and a 20 year old. He actually has been in and out of prison for the past 30 years. DNA evidence linked him to the crimes.” She goes on to mention that DNA is critical in convicting criminals and victims should keep that in mind. Susan says, “As hard as it is to live through these assaults, women and also men, must make sure they don’t tamper with evidence on their clothing or their body, if they want to have their attacker captured and convicted. Many victims feel invaded and dirty and take showers to clean themselves off. This is the worse thing a sexually assaulted person can do.” Susan also informed us of a new Federal law that will be in effect nationally, next year. This law will require all hospital emergency rooms to offer a free ANONYMOUS forensic rape exam. This exam is offered right after the assault occurs and the anonymous results are kept for a future date if the victim decides that they want to press charges.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baseball Bat Under Your Bed?

Are you one of those people that still has a baseball bat under their bed? Does your husband still think that this is the best weapon ever invented to defend yourself from home intruders? Well, some people would prefer to clobber an intruder rather than shoot him. They rather not have a gun which is lethal or not even a taser, although tasers are not lethal. They would rather just go at it in a more physical way...

The baseball bat defense is slowly disappearing and being substituted more and more these days by the baton. As you know police carry batons, but these more popular batons among home owners that are replacing their baseball bats, are more powerful than the typical batons. The new replacement for baseball bats is the STUN BATON! Yes, not just a regular baton but a stun gun too! Stun batons are the latest craze for ex baseball bat owners. They come in different sizes, some are collapsible and some even have a flashlight attached. Stun batons come in various voltages ranging from 300,000 volts to 1,000,000 volts. You also have the option of getting a stun baton that is rechargeable or battery powered.

So there you have it. The baseball bat as a weapon kept under the bed has evolved into the stun baton! No need to have a baseball bat under your bed anymore!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ex-Police Sgt. Guilty of Mutiple Rapes

Jury finds former police officer Jeff Pelo guilty of raping 4 women

DAVID MERCER Associated Press Writer
June 18, 2008

A jury found a former Bloomington police sergeant guilty Wednesday of brutally raping four women and stalking a fifth after a trial in which he was described as both driven by pornography-fueled fantasies and a man arrested on flimsy evidence.

Jurors deliberated over parts of three days in Bloomington before convicting Jeff Pelo on 35 counts, including 25 of aggravated sexual assault.

The six men and six women reached their decision despite a lack of DNA or similar forensic evidence linking Pelo directly to the rapes, said prosecutor Mark Messman, who added he was pleased for the victims.

"There was no smoking gun; (but) there were several very strong pieces of evidence," he said.

Messman said he would expect jurors had varying reasons for finding Pelo guilty.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you polled the jurors...if you got 12 different responses, or three or four different responses," he said.

To continue reading this article click here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hidden or Spy Cameras

Are you a sneaky person? We all are sneaky sometimes, but I would not call it sneaky if you feel you should find out about something that can hurt you or others. That is where hidden cameras come into play. Parents sometimes are curious about what goes on in their homes when the baby sitter is around and they're not. Students who share dorms with roommates, like to keep a close eye on their stuff. Married couples sometimes don't trust their spouses and place cameras in their bedrooms! The list can go on and on. For whatever reason, hidden cameras are sometimes indispensable and can sometimes be used as evidence if a crime has been committed.

Hidden or spy cameras come in all shapes and sizes and built to look inconspicuous. Some hidden cameras come in teddy bears for child safety. Others just look like an ice cooler, tissue dispenser, pencil sharpener, wall clock, etc. These cameras can easily go unnoticed in an office, living room or other interior environment. There are mobile hidden cameras that come in backpacks to see if anyone is following you and some even in baseball caps! Most of these cameras are wireless and convenient to have for those of us who sometimes might need an extra eye. has a large selection of hidden cameras to choose from, under our Security Cameras. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about any of these products.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Avoid Falling Asleep While Driving

The kids are out of school and the family wants to go on vacation! With Air fares so expensive lately, the best solution for traveling these days is by car. Especially if you have a large family.

One of the main concerns when you drive on long trips is falling asleep at the wheel. Sometimes you want to catch up during the evening hours in order to enjoy more daylight time for your vacation. This is smart but also can be dangerous, since night time, especially between midnight and early morning, is when your body wants to sleep. Everyone in your vehicle is asleep and quiet, so that makes it even harder to stay awake.

Did you know that there is a product that's not a drug and will help you stay awake? It is the Driver Alert Safety Alarm. This is a must for long trips whether you are driving during the evening or during the day. It is worn over the ear and has an electronic position sensor. When your head nods forward, it sounds a loud alarm to instantly wake you and alert your passengers.

The Alert Sleep Alarm is also handy for other tasks that require alertness, such as, being on duty as a security guard or operating dangerous machinery in factories. Not to mention, if you are a truck driver and take long interstate trips!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Troublemaking Yapping Dogs!

Smaller breeds are usually the yappers. I know, we have three; 2 Jack Russels and 1 terrier mix. There is a lot of yapping in our house and when they go outside for a walk on their leashes.... all hell breaks loose! Yapping dogs love to bark especially at big dogs. I don't know why, but it's like they are asking for trouble. Sometimes they DO ask for trouble and a large dog might not want to take it anymore!

If you have a yapper or several yappers and you often take them out for a walk, it might be a good idea to take some Muzzle with you. What is Muzzle? It is pepper spray for dogs. This brand of pepper spray by Mace, is made especially for dogs and it is safe, humane and effective. Muzzle would be handy if your adorable little ones yap a bit too much at a big dog and get him angry! A large dog can attack and really cause harm or even kill another smaller dog. Using Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray by Mace at an attacking dog that comes at your small dogs or towards you is one of the best ways to prevent a deadly encounter.

Of course, try to discipline your small yappers to prevent these situations.... Keep some Muzzle handy, just in case... Enjoy your walks!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lindsay Ann Burke Act

Have you heard of this Act? It was passed in June 2007 in Rhode Island. This Act was named after a 23-year-old woman in Kingstown who was murdered by her boyfriend in 2005. The "Lindsay Ann Burke Act" requires that all schools in the district of Rhode Island to included in their curriculum a course about "Dating Violence". All students 7th thru 12th grades will be included. Along with the curriculum course, the schools will need to develop a model dating violence policy and a policy to address incidents of dating violence involving students. The Act also requires all staff to take "Dating Violence" training.

Nebraska is also thinking about applying this Act, thanks to it's Attorney general, Jon Burning. He is very concerned about the rape figures in his state and the urgency to try to educate teenagers on this matter.

I only hope that more States follow and incorporate this important Act in their school curriculums.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If you have a swimming pool, you need a pool alarm

Summer is practically here and as every year, swimming pools are cleaned up and prepared for the season. Pools are beautiful and refreshing, but they can also be dangerous. If you have small children or pets, you need to be very cautious and aware of all that happens around your pool. Hundreds of children drawn in pools every year in accidents that can be avoided. I know, it is impossible to keep an eye on your children constantly, but there is a product you can purchase that will definitely give you some peace of mind.

The Pool Alarm, a monitoring product that we carry under the Home Protection category, will automatically sound an alarm when children or pets fall in your pool. It has an electronic sensor that when triggered, lets out a pulsating alarm at the pool site and in your home via a remote receiver. After you install the Pool Alarm, it cannot be de-activated; it is always in the alarm ready mode until you put it in Sleep Mode. It comes with a remote receiver that can be placed as far as 200 feet away from the main unit.

There you have it! Make this summer more enjoyable and less dangerous for your entire family by preventing pool accidents!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Waitress is Fired for Becoming Bold to Help Charity

Stacey Fearnall, a waitress from Ontario Canada was fired because her boss did not like her bold. She thought she was doing a good thing by giving her hair to a company which gave her $2,700, which she in turn donated it to a cancer research charity. Her family has a long history of cancer and she felt obligated to help in any way with cancer research. The 36 year old woman was shocked by the news that she was fired and was told not to come back until her hair grew back!

I'm sure that her hair was not a job requirement. This sounds like a sexist issue to me. Men can shave their hair and not get fired... I'm sure she did not sign any paper that required she not change her hair style! Good grief!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Taser C2 MP3 Holster Now Available!

It's finally here! The much anticipated holster for the Taser C2 is now available for shipping. Customers who had pre-orders have been notified and will be receiving these beautiful and convenient holsters.

If you are a Taser C2 owner and use a holster with your Taser, this is a plus. Especially if you wear it for long periods of time or when working out while you run, jog or walk. It's nice to carry some music around with you, plus you get the added benefit of being equipped with the best non-lethal self defense product around.

The Taser C2 Holster with MP3 Player has 1GB so you can keep many of your favorite tunes in an easy-to-use music player.

An important thing to remember while listening to your music is to always be aware of your surroundings.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Carjacking Tips

Carjacking of parked vehicles depends on the car owner being inattentive to their surroundings. Carjackers, like street robbers, prefer the element of surprise. Most victims say they never saw the carjacker until they appeared at their car door. To reduce your risk of being carjacked, we have listed some common sense steps below:
  • Always park in well-lighted areas, if you plan to arrive/leave after dark
  • Don't park in isolated or visually obstructed areas near walls or heavy foliage
  • Use valet parking or an attended garage, if you're a woman driving alone
  • As you walk to your car be alert to suspicious persons sitting in cars
  • Ask for a security escort if you are alone at a shopping center
  • Watch out for young males loitering in the area (handing out flyers, etc)
  • If someone tries to approach, change direction or run to a busy store
  • Follow your instincts if they tell you to walk/run away to a busy place
  • As you approach your vehicle, look under, around, and inside your car
  • If safe, open the door, enter quickly, and lock the doors
  • Don't be a target by turning your back while loading packages into the car
  • Make it your habit to always start your car and drive away immediately
  • Teach and practice with your children to enter and exit the car quickly
  • In the city, always drive with your car doors locked and windows rolled up
  • When stopped in traffic, leave room to maneuver and escape, if necessary
  • If you are bumped in traffic by young males be suspicious of the accident
  • Wave to follow, and drive to a gas station or busy place before getting out
  • If you are ever confronted by an armed carjacker don't resist
  • Give up your keys or money if demanded without resistance
  • Don't argue, fight or chase the robber. You can be seriously injured
  • Never agree to be kidnapped. Drop the cars keys and run and scream for help
  • If you are forced to drive, consider crashing your car near a busy intersection so bystanders can come to your aid and call the police
  • Call the police immediately to report the crime and provide detailed information
  • Make sure you keep a non lethal, self defense product in your glove compartment or conveniently near you. Such products include Mace, pepper spray, a stun gun, personal alarm or a Taser.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Unique New Stun Guns Available! is has 2 new stun guns available! The Double Trouble Stun Gun and the Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun have a truly renovated design for stun guns. Their appearances are different and the approach of how they deliver the stun is unique. Below are pictures and descriptions of each.

The Double Trouble Stun Gun
The Double Trouble Stun Gun is like having two stun guns in one.

Twice the contact totaling 1.2 Million Volts.
Twice the stopping power!

The Double Trouble stun gun is more effective than most stun guns because of the space between the contacts. The greater the space, the greater the effect. Most stun guns only have 1.5 inches. The Double Trouble has 5 inches between contacts.

Rubber Coated Soft Contour Grip to make it easy to hold and hang on to.
Safety switch is on the top with a red LED on/off indicator.
Uses two CR123A batteries (included).
Also comes with a hand strap and FREE Nylon Carrying Case with Belt Clip ($15.00 Value).
Only 6" long.
Weighs just 6.9 oz.

The Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun
The Knuckle Blaster stun gun is a 950,000 volt stun gun designed to give you a punch with Power. Just touch your attacker to instantly repel them and give you time to get away. Longer contact will cause further disorientation and after some seconds may drop them to their knees. This patented device has a soft rubber skin handle and is sized to accommodate all hand sizes. A safety switch is built in and accessible to your thumb. Once you grab the Knuckle Blaster stun gun you can flip off the safety and fire with the same hand. No need to use two hands.

Uses 2 Lithium batteries (included).
FREE leather belt holster ($15.00 Value) designed to allow quick access and deployment of this amazing stun weapon.
One year warranty.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Thieves are always on the lookout for easy targets. Don't make yourself an easy target. Always follow these simple steps.
  • Never leave anything valuable on display, however small and insignificant it may seem. Thieves steal first and think about value later.
  • Don't leave anything loose in the cockpit or on deck.
  • Don't leave your engine key in the ignition - always take it with you.
  • Keep your boat keys separate from your engine keys.
  • Always keep your boat locked when no one is on board, even for a short time.
  • Use strong padlocks or rimlocks on all your hatches, entry points and cockpit lockers.
  • Constantly check and improve the security on your boat. It's a good idea to fit an alarm and use a visible sticker to say that one is fitted.
  • Make sure your cockpit lockers can be properly locked, and check that your main hatch and fore-hatch are strong.
  • Also think about having a strongbox down below. If you don't think something is secure, get it fixed.
  • Always carry a self defense product such as Mace, pepper spray, a stun gun, personal alarm or a Taser.


Once you've tied up alongside, always do a quick security check before going ashore. Always:

  • Lock anything valuable out of sight in a strong locker secured by a strong padlock;
  • Lock up emergency money away from other valuables;
  • Keep your curtains closed so that no one can look in;
  • Keep unused ropes, fenders and other items out of sight in your cockpit, lockers and cupboards - and always lock them;
  • Make sure that your life raft and outboard motor are secure, as these are valuable and attractive to boat thieves.
  • When you go ashore from a dinghy, always remove your oars or paddles, rowlocks or pump, and secure the dinghy with a strong chain and padlock.
  • If you are the victim of boat theft, call the police immediately and tell the harbormaster or boatyard manager. Check to make sure that your boat is still seaworthy and hasn't been badly damaged.
  • And, if you can, check that neighboring boats haven't been broken into as well.
  • Get to know other boat owners in your marina and work together to keep the marina secure. You can do the following.
  • Keep an eye on other boats, as well as your own.
  • Report any strangers at the marina to the harbormaster or yardmaster.
  • Don't give your marina access card or key to other people.
  • Never tell anyone else the access code to the marina.
  • Don't let strangers into the marina, however genuine they may seem.
  • Keep the marina gate closed at all times.
  • You can never be too safe while on a boat. Self defense products such as stun guns, mace, pepper spray, personal alarms or a taser is always convenient to have on board.
  • Always carry a self defense product such as Mace, pepper spray, a stun gun, personal alarm or a Taser.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Police Officer Rapes Woman

The last person you would expect to rape a woman! First, let's get one thing straight, MOST police officers are protective of all citizens and dependable.

Feliciano Sanchez, a 33 year old Los Angeles police officer had stopped the victim on May 16th, 2007 and at gun point and in uniform, drove her to a remote area and proceeded to sexualy assault her.

He was arrested by FBI agents on a federal indictment and accused of "violating a woman's civil rights by forcing her to have sex with him while he was in uniform." He was also armed during the aggravated sexual assault, which makes it also a kidnapping.

The civil rights charge carries a maximum sentence of life in a federal prison. Carrying a gun will add 5 more years to any sentence Sanchez will receive for the civil rights offense.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rapes in Small Towns, Just as Prevalent

There seems to be a misguided assumption that if you live in a small town, you are less likely to be raped. This is far from the truth. You are just as likely to be raped in a small town as you are in a large city. The National Crime Victimization Survey, performed by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, found that 67% of sexual assaults are committed by a friend or acquaintance. You are more likely to be surrounded by people you know in small towns. Many times just the fact that the attacker is someone you know, makes it more difficult for you to accuse him of attacking you. The offender knows this and takes advantage of the fact that you will most likely not go to the authorities. After all, you don't want to hurt the people you know, like his parents, siblings or wife...

Police authorities in small towns are also most likely to have an antiquated view of rape victims. This view is that basically, you get what you ask for and you are as much to blame as the assailant is. This could not be further from the truth. You are NOT at fault. Authorities of small towns are less educated on sexual assault situations. This deters rape victims from going to the police in a small town.

So, if you live in a small town, you need to be just as cautious as you would if you lived in a large city. Always carry a self defense product such as mace, pepper spray, stun gun or personal alarm. Have one of these products with you, just as you would your car keys or your purse.

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