Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lindsay Ann Burke Act

Have you heard of this Act? It was passed in June 2007 in Rhode Island. This Act was named after a 23-year-old woman in Kingstown who was murdered by her boyfriend in 2005. The "Lindsay Ann Burke Act" requires that all schools in the district of Rhode Island to included in their curriculum a course about "Dating Violence". All students 7th thru 12th grades will be included. Along with the curriculum course, the schools will need to develop a model dating violence policy and a policy to address incidents of dating violence involving students. The Act also requires all staff to take "Dating Violence" training.

Nebraska is also thinking about applying this Act, thanks to it's Attorney general, Jon Burning. He is very concerned about the rape figures in his state and the urgency to try to educate teenagers on this matter.

I only hope that more States follow and incorporate this important Act in their school curriculums.
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