Thursday, June 26, 2008

Federal Supreme Court rules that all Americans have the right to bear arms

It's official, for the first time in history the Supreme Court passed the ruling today, June 26, 2008. This means that slowly, the cities in this country that had bans on handguns, such as Washington DC, will have to change their restrictions. Of course, you would still need a permit, you can't be insane, you would not be allowed to take guns into schools, etc.

I personally prefer to carry a non-lethal weapon such as my Taser C2. As some of you know Tasers and Stun Guns have had restrictions in several cities such as New York, Michigan, Chicago and others. This new Supreme Court ruling will probably eliminate these restrictions and allow citizens from those cities that want to purchase non lethal, self defense products, to finally do so.

Hopefully this decision will help more Americans than hurt them!
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