Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baseball Bat Under Your Bed?

Are you one of those people that still has a baseball bat under their bed? Does your husband still think that this is the best weapon ever invented to defend yourself from home intruders? Well, some people would prefer to clobber an intruder rather than shoot him. They rather not have a gun which is lethal or not even a taser, although tasers are not lethal. They would rather just go at it in a more physical way...

The baseball bat defense is slowly disappearing and being substituted more and more these days by the baton. As you know police carry batons, but these more popular batons among home owners that are replacing their baseball bats, are more powerful than the typical batons. The new replacement for baseball bats is the STUN BATON! Yes, not just a regular baton but a stun gun too! Stun batons are the latest craze for ex baseball bat owners. They come in different sizes, some are collapsible and some even have a flashlight attached. Stun batons come in various voltages ranging from 300,000 volts to 1,000,000 volts. You also have the option of getting a stun baton that is rechargeable or battery powered.

So there you have it. The baseball bat as a weapon kept under the bed has evolved into the stun baton! No need to have a baseball bat under your bed anymore!
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