Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hidden or Spy Cameras

Are you a sneaky person? We all are sneaky sometimes, but I would not call it sneaky if you feel you should find out about something that can hurt you or others. That is where hidden cameras come into play. Parents sometimes are curious about what goes on in their homes when the baby sitter is around and they're not. Students who share dorms with roommates, like to keep a close eye on their stuff. Married couples sometimes don't trust their spouses and place cameras in their bedrooms! The list can go on and on. For whatever reason, hidden cameras are sometimes indispensable and can sometimes be used as evidence if a crime has been committed.

Hidden or spy cameras come in all shapes and sizes and built to look inconspicuous. Some hidden cameras come in teddy bears for child safety. Others just look like an ice cooler, tissue dispenser, pencil sharpener, wall clock, etc. These cameras can easily go unnoticed in an office, living room or other interior environment. There are mobile hidden cameras that come in backpacks to see if anyone is following you and some even in baseball caps! Most of these cameras are wireless and convenient to have for those of us who sometimes might need an extra eye.

WomenOnGuard.com has a large selection of hidden cameras to choose from, under our Security Cameras. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about any of these products.
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