Thursday, June 30, 2016

All-Day Cereal Bar to Open in Times Square

Kellogg's NYC will open in Times Square next week

Cereal junkies will soon be able to get their fix all day -- with some sophisticated add-ons like herbs and seasoning -- for nearly $8 a bowl at a new eatery about to open in Times Square.

Kellogg's NYC, set to open July 4, will offer five cereal bowls, all incorporating Kellogg's brand cereals and milk as the base, plus fruit, nuts, herbs and powders and seasonings, Eater NY reports. A regular bowl will cost $7.50, while a small bowl will cost $6.50.

Menu offerings include the Pistachio & Lemon bowl, which includes Special K Original, Frosted Flakes, pistachios, lemon zest and thyme; the Chai Line, which includes Crispix, fresh peaches and chai tea powder; and Berry Au Lait, featuring Frosted Mini-Wheats, fresh raspberries and ground coffee.

Customers can also build their own cereal bowls, or order cereal sundaes made with Blue Marble soft serve. For $9.50 a pop, customers can get creations like the Honey Buzz, which includes Honey Smacks, honey, toasted pecans and banana chips, or Life in Color, which includes Froot Loops, lime zest, marshmallows and passion fruit jam, as well.

The cafe will be open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Kellogg's NYC is the brainchild of Milk Bar chef Christina Tosi and former Per Se general manager Anthony Rudolf. Eater reports the team has signed a five-year lease on the space at 1600 Broadway.

Wall Street Journal notes the openings of branded "experience" stores in New York City, like the Chobani yogurt bar and create-your-own Magnum ice cream bar in SoHo, and Pepsi's Kola House cocktail bar, are part of a larger marketing trend toward in-person customer interaction.

Source: NBC 6 News, South Florida

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Need Some Protection? Get the Small Fry Stun Gun with 11 Million Volts Rechargeable! Available in Black or Pink

This rubberized self defense unit is one of our most popular stun guns. It has incredible features and is available in Black as well as Pink!

This powerful self defense unit, offers 11 Million Volts of powerful protection against an attacker. It's called the Small Fry Stun Gun with 11 Million Volts Rechargeable and is available in Black or Pink and includes a Disable Pin, (in case the unit is taken from you, the attacker won't be able to use it against you)! Stun guns are non lethal and are used for personal protection. When using the unit, you simply have to touch, not push an attacker. Normally 3 to 5 seconds, will drop the individual and if you keep stunning them, they will eventually not be able to move much! Of course the immobility is temporary, so you need to leave the scene immediately!

Small Fry Blackout Stun Gun 11 Million Volts Rechargeable
- Plugs directly into a wall socket, no batteries required
- Rubberized exterior, protects you and the unit
- Aiming LED flashlight at attacker's eyes, disorients them
- Disable pin prevents unit from being used against you
- Disable plug allows the unit to be used at all times
- LED light allows you to know, when it's fully charged
- Includes attractive black holster
- Measures 3 1/2 inches x 2 1/8 inches x 7/8 inches
- Earned TOP GUN seal for superior strength and quality
- Lifetime warranty from manufacturer's defect

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Longer Reach Stun Baton 12 Million Volts, Available in Purple, Pink, or Black!

These days, cops aren't the only ones that carry batons, civilians do as well... Women and men can carry them for self defense.
Batons provide extra distance from an attacker. At we have some affordable batons that can reach up to 12 inches away. But they aren't just regular archaic batons, these units are called the Stun Baton 12 Million Volts in purple, pink or black. They have an incredible 12 Million Volts, are also rubberized for firm grip, include shock side strips to prevent an attacker from taking it from you and can be charged by simply attaching it to a wall socket! These unit also has a flashlight that has a high beam, low beam and even a strobe light... Of course, the units also have a wrist strap. When the wrist strap is placed around your wrist and an attacker tries to take the unit from you, the baton will not work! The wrist strap needs to be attached to the unit for the weapon to stun. Plus, you also get a free nylon holster, perfect for women and men!

Take a confident stroll around your neighborhood block with your dog and your baton for self defense! This unit also has a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defects.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Your Car Keys Can Also Be A Home Alarm!

Sounds like a joke, right? But it's true... If you have a car, you already have a convenient burglar alarm that you can activate from your nightstand!

Many of us can't afford a home alarm, but most people have a car and along with a car you normally get a set of keys. Have you ever thought of using your car keys as an alarm activator for your home?

It's simple, just place your car keys on a nightstand when you go to bed at night. If you hear some strange noise around your home, simply pickup your keys and set off your car alarm! The noise will scare burglars or intruders away from the neighborhood. It will also wake up your neighbors and let them know something is happening outside!

There you have it... A home alarm that doesn't cost you a penny, alerts everyone in the neighborhood that something is happening in your home or outside! Let your neighbors and friends know about this little trick to fend off intruders, especially if they are on a budget.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Disguised Lipstick Pepper Spray for Women's Self Defense

The best weapon us women can have is one that is disguised, because it's unexpected by a would be rapist or attacker!

If you are out on a first date with a stranger or meet someone in a bar, make sure you carry a self defense weapon. One of the best weapons women can use are the disguised units, because they add an element of surprise! Ladies, if you start to get some weird vibes about an individual, your instincts are usually correct. All you have to do is pull the Lipstick Pepper Spray out from your purse or pocket and pretend that you are going to touch up for them. Then, quickly lift the cap and press the sprayer toward their eyes and face! The attacker will have to shut their eyes from all the pain and coughing. They also might inhale, making it even more devastating!

These self defense, disguised Lipstick Pepper Spray, are available in 6 colors and contain approximately 20 half second bursts. They also can reach up to 10 feet away! Plus, they include an Invisible UV Marking Dye that authorities can place under a special lamp and determine if they caught the right rapist or attacker.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Going on a Road Trip? You Will Need the Nap Zapper Driver Sleep Alarm!

Many people take road trips during the summer, and unfortunately, many people fall asleep at the wheel... At, we have a gadget that prevents drivers from falling asleep!

Our country has beautiful parks and other destinations... During the summer many of us hit the road to relax. A vacation with the family is always fun, but many people have a hard time staying awake while driving! Unfortunately, that's how many vehicle accidents occur.

We have a gadget called the; Nap Zapper Driver Sleep Alarm! This unit is reasonably priced, only $8.95 and very convenient for those summer escapades! The alarm goes off if the driver starts to nod forward, and can be heard by the driver as well as the passengers.

The Nap Zapper Driver Sleep Alarm is simple to use, just hang it on the ear of the person who is driving! Perfect for the summer vacation or any other time of the year. PLUS, it's also handy for security guards, machine operators and even for students that are falling asleep while cramming for tests!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Mace® Pepper Sprays, Proven To Protect Women and Men From Attackers

The Mace® brand has been around for decades and it's no wonder that they are the first product people think of when they want to purchase an affordable self defense pepper spray!

At we sell Mace Pepper Spray in all shapes and sizes, like shown in the video above, plus others not shown in the video! Some of our units, such as the Pepper Gun, can reach up to 20 ft., others have sticky gel, foam that expands on an attacker's face, TEAR GAS and more! Many units are available disguised, so that an attacker might think it's a perfume, pen or a lipstick... Others are very small, like the 3.25" Mace Keyguard, that's also REFILLABLE!

Look through our website. We have a wide selection of self defense products, in different colors, shapes, reach, refillable and even units with tear gas! Most likely you will find the one that's perfect for you... Whether you're a woman or a man that needs a self defense unit!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mace® Compact Pepper Spray, With Convenient Keyring and REFILLABLE!

This small and easy to use unit, can be attached to your keyring and nobody will know it's really a Mace self defense pepper spray!
The Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray, offers discrete protection anywhere you go. It only measures 3.25 inches tall, but can shoot pepper spray, 5 feet away and contains 6 short blasts! The discrete unit has a simple cap, that when turned over, reveals a button which you press down, to shoot toward an attacker. When shooting the unit, it's best to aim toward the attacker's eyes...

Since the unit is small, it can also be refilled, no need to purchase another one! To refill it, you will need the Mace® Pepper Pen and Keyguard Refill. This refill canister has approximately 15 bursts!

The Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray is available in Pink or Black. But, if you purchase the Pink unit, Mace will donate a portion of the proceeds, to these three charitable organizations:

- The National Center for Victims of Crime
- Project Against Violent Encounters
- Casting for Recovery

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Father's Day Gift: Self Defense Writing Pen with Glass Breaker Tip, Tactical Screw Cap and Flashlight

Surprise your husband or dad, with a unique pen, he can brag about... It has incredible features, he will love!
This unit is handy to have and it doesn't just write... Your husband or dad, can place it in his pocket or briefcase. Plus, it makes a great Father's Day Gift.

The Self Defense Writing Pen with Glass Breaker Tip, Tactical Screw Cap and Flashlight is definitely handy. A unique gift he will be proud to use and share with others. It has incredible features, such as a glass breaker tip which is handy for exiting an automobile when an accident occurs. It's tactical screw cap can be used for jabbing an attacker, too. The unit has a 100 lumen flashlight which includes, of all things... a jagged edge that can be used for collecting an attacker's DNA!

This Self Defense Writing Pen with Glass Breaker Tip, Tactical Screw Cap and Flashlight, is perfect for a Father's Day Gift or even for students to take to college or office workers, as well.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Father's Day Gift: TASER Bolt, Black

Have you heard of the TASER Bolt? If you haven't, its the next generation of the TASER C2. This unit weighs less, only 7 ounces, has extra features and makes a great Father's Day Gift!
A lighter TASER is easier to use, especially when you are in a situation where speed is crucial. One of the features these units have, is the automatic 30 second tasing. It allows you to escape rapidly during an emergency, if you leave the unit while it's tasing an attacker on the ground, in order for you to escape safely. You see it will continue to automatically shock an attacker, for 30 more seconds, while you escape and leave the scene... You can later let TASER International, replace the unit for you, if you file a police report of the incident! Check out more features below.

TASER Bolt Black, for Father's Day Gift
- Reaches 15 feet away
- Weigh's only 10 ounces
- Small, only 5.50 inches long
- Includes stun gun backup for close proximity
- Laser aiming, places red dot on your attacker
- Deploy's cartridges without pushing you back
- Includes LED light for visibility
- No license needed to carry openly or concealed
- Includes 2 cartridges
- Includes practice target
- No messy cleaning required
- And More...

Best of all, there is no maintenance, like cleaning, which is a messy ordeal with firearms! Plus, as mentioned before, the lighter weight TASER Bolt, has automatic 30 second tasing while you escape and reaches 15 feet, as well... Perfect for a Father's Day Gift, to keep him safe!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Father's Day Gift: Mace Pepper Gun Defense Spray with Strobe LED, Only $59.99 and FREE SHIPPING!

Did you know that Mace has a pepper gun that reaches up to 20 feet away, includes a Strobe LED Light and can shoot at any angle for self defense, even upside down?

The Mace Pepper Gun Defense Spray with Strobe LED, shoots a huge stream of spray that will engulf an attacker's face. This is an incredible unit that works with cartridges. Each cartridge has approximately 7 short blasts that can reach 20 feet away or you can also shoot continuously until it empties... Very easy to use!

The Mace Pepper Gun Defense Spray with Strobe LED, includes 2 cartridges; one cartridge with pepper spray and another with water, to practice with! The cartridges allow this unit to shoot at any angle, even upside down. These pepper guns also include an invisible UV Marking Dye, that helps authority identify and apprehend an attacker. Plus, of course, it also includes a "SAFE" position switch, to prevent children from using it! The self defense units, are available in Black, Pink or Silver. Replaceable Cartridges, sold separately.

Friday, June 10, 2016

June 20th Is The First Day Of Summer, Are You Protecting Your Skin and Your Children's?

Summer is a fun time of the year, children are out of school and many families take vacations during this season... But, please enjoy the summer by applying sunscreen when outside!

I'm one of the owners of My name is Martha Z. Martinez and I want to share my story, regarding SUN EXPOSURE! My childhood was spent in Florida and like other kids, I got a nice brown tan! But now, I'm paying for it. Back in the 60's people didn't know better, about sunshine and it's repercussions. Below is what I went through, because I got too much sun outside, as a child...

I was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma, about 5 years ago. Fortunately it is not the deadly kind, like Melanoma! It started like a pimple on my nose and it kept coming back for a couple years... Finally it got to the point where it wouldn't heal and kept bleeding, so I went to a dermatologist. He confirmed it to be cancerous and not just a pimple, like I thought!

The cancer had spread very deep into my nose, so taking it out and covering it with skin, was not enough. It would leave a deep dent on my nose. I ended up having surgery to fill the hole with my own cells, in order to later place a piece of skin over it. The plastic surgeon had to pull a flap of skin from my forehead and bring it temporarily down to the tip of my nose, like a funnel. Doing this would allow new cells to grow and therefore fill in the void on the tip of my nose. I had that funnel for 3 weeks until my second surgery was done! Needless to say, I was not allowed to lay flat on my bed, because I could bleed out!

On the second surgery, the Dr. brought up the flap of skin and placed it back onto my forehead. Then, he got another piece of my forehead skin and placed it, over the now filled with cells, spot on my nose. He later had to stretch the skin where the little piece was taken from and stitch it back together, on my forehead!

This is what I went through, just because I got too much sun as a kid! ALWAYS wear a hat when you are out in the sun and use SUNSCREEN! If you have children; make them apply sunscreen if they play outside! You don't only get cancer when you are at the beach!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fathers Day Gift: The Taser Pulse Black, The Ultimate Weapon for Men or Women's Self Defense

This unit offers self defense without fatally hurting an individual. It reaches up to 15 feet away and can continue to tase an attacker for 30 seconds more, while you escape safely!

One of the newest unit from TASER International... It has all the incredible features the TASER C2 had, and more! It's called the TASER Pulse, Black and makes a great Father's Day Gift. This unit is small and easily fits into men and women's hands, unlike previous, large non lethal self defense weapons.

Taser Pulse Incredible Features
- Reaches 15 feet for safe distance
- Includes Laser aiming
- Includes LED flashlight
- Compact: 5.25" x 4.75" x 1.25
- Automatic 30 sec. deployment on ground
- Taser Int'l replaces stolen unit w/police record
- Battery status indicator and MORE!

Your father doesn't need a lethal firearm for self defense, that can land him in prison and requires cleaning, too! Plus, the automatic 30 sec. deployment doesn't even exist in hand guns...  Be smart, give your Dad a Father's Day Gift, with incredible features, that he can use safely without the maintenance or repercussions of a firearm!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Father's Day Gift: Jolt Mini Stun Gun 35 Million Volts Black, Only $25.95

The Jolt Mini Stun Gun 35 Million Volts is the most strongest unit in our's store... Perfect for a Father's Day Gift that he can use for self defense!
There are many non lethal, self defense stun gun units in the market, but this one surpasses all the others with an incredible 35 Milllion Volts of takedown protection for civilians. The Jolt Mini Stun Gun 35 Million Volts Black, has incredible features and it's easy to use. If an attacker try's to harm you, simply pull out the unit and touch them with it. Simply touch, no need to push. After a second or 2, they will fall to the ground! Keep touching them until they become incoherent and then leave the scene immediately and don't look back. It's as simple as that!

Features you might ask? Includes triple technology, which allows 3 separate points of contact. It also includes a disable pin with wrist strap, that disables the unit if the attacker takes it from you. This unit can also be charged directly from a wall outlet, no extra wires required. Plus there's more... An LED flashlight, safety switch, black nylon holster, rubberized armor which protects the unit and helps you grip it better. And if that wasn't enough, it also includes a 5 Year Warranty from manufacture's defects. This is a Father's Day Gift he will take wherever he goes!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Father’s Day Gift: Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Batons, are also REFILLABLE!

They are popular worldwide, and you've seen them worn on motorcycle enthusiasts and men or women that like non lethal, personal protection. Perfect for a Father's Day Gift, on June 19th!
Women aren't the only people that need self defense protection, men need it, as well. These Mace Pepper Spray Defense Batons, Refillable, are perfect for a Father's Day Gift. Plus, of course, they can also be used as Kubotans and are great for jabbing, hitting pressure points on an attacker and also for key flailing! The attractive batons include 6 pepper spray bursts and can reach 5 feet away. PLUS, they are REFILLABLE! Simply purchase the Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Baton Refill. No need to buy another unit again...

These Mace Pepper Spray Defense Batons, Refillable, are machined from heavy aluminum which makes them very powerful and almost indestructible. They have a convenient keyring, as well. These Kubotans, make a very unique Father's Day Gift! Plus, of course, he can carry it for self defense, anywhere he goes.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Stop Eating Tilapia Fish Now. Read About The Disgusting Reasons Why

Source: briannaworld

Tilapia, the third most consumed fish in America, has been under fire for some time now as there’s mounting evidence that this fish is grown in China in bad farming practices.

On one hand, tilapia is quite inexpensive, can be bought skinless and boneless and is really tasty as it doesn’t pack the familiar fish taste.

But, the real problem with tilapia is linked to its origin. Most of the tilapia we consume today is farm-bred instead of wild. Today, it’s virtually impossible to come across wild tilapia on the market. Even, restaurants mainly serve farm-bred tilapia. In fact, it’s such large scale farming, that thousands of fish are harvested each day.

The thing is that while wild tilapia eats lake plants and algae, farm-bred tilapia is fed on soy pellets and GMO corn. Healthy fish oil in wild tilapia is basically lacking in farm-bred one. Actually, farm-raised tilapia is not health beneficial for several reasons.

1. Inflammation

Recent studies confirm that consuming farm-bred tilapia can lead to inflammation. In fact, eating tilapia can worsen already existing inflammation caused by a number of health issues including asthma, heart disease, and arthritis. People often wrongly believe that they’re getting their omega-3 fatty acid from the fish oil in tilapia to reduce the risk of heart attacks, but the real truth is that tilapia is a much more serious risk factor for inflammation than bacon or hamburgers.

2. Cancer Causing Pollutants

Farmed-raised fish is generally exposed to cancerous organic pollutants 10 times more than wild tilapia. Moreover, one of the main ingredients in the feed is chicken poop. And, pig and duck waste processed into fish food is also quite common.

3. Higher Pesticides and Antibiotics

Farm-bred fish generally pack higher content of pesticides and antibiotics. This basically comes down to the fact that farm fish are bred in a crowd, which makes them more susceptible to diseases. That’s why they’re often given antibiotics so as to keep them healthy. Pesticides are also part of their menu in order to kill sea lice. These pesticides are in fact so strong that can kill wild salmon when exposed to them accidentally. This is not all because these pesticides are then released into the sea, which then produces toxic effects on other marine life when ingested.

4. Low Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratios

Farm-raised tilapia packs less healthy nutrients than the wild. For one thing, the omega 3 fatty acids in farm-bred tilapia are not as beneficial for us as opposed to the omega fatty acids in wild tilapia. Plus, farm-raised tilapia also contains less protein. The fish are raised in pools, which makes them fattier and they often contain more omega 6 fatty acids. Over consumption of omega 6 fatty acids makes us more prone to inflammation. In farm-bred tilapia the omega 3 to omega 6 ratios are misbalanced, which in turn negatively impacts our bodies.

5. High Dioxin Levels

Last, but not least, farm-bred tilapia also contains higher dioxin levels. These actually pack 11 times more dioxins than wild tilapia. Dioxins are not only toxic, but can also affect your proper body and can even trigger cancer development. The worst thing is that as soon as dioxins get into the body, they take a long time to get out – around 7-11 years is half of what it takes for dioxin to be removed from the body.

All in all, it’s important to know that the farm-bred tilapia is deficient in the vital nutrients your body needs. Instead, you should opt for healthier fish or wild tilapia.

Friday, June 3, 2016

NEW: Emergency Disaster Radio, Also Great for Camping!

This unit has all the bells and whistles you will ever need. Whether you are in a disaster area, such as a hurricane, camping or simply at the beach or poolside! 

It's called the Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-way Powered. This handy unit includes many features you can't be without. Such as Dynamo Cranking Power, Solar Panel Power, can be powered by AA Batteries, includes Built-in Rechargeable Battery Pack, AC Adaptor charge from 3.5 mm jack (optional), and you can even charge it from your computer via USB port!

If that wasn't enough, the Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered,  also includes radio reception from AM, FM, SW1, SW2, Weather Band and Weather Alert! Overall, it's ideal for many emergency situations... You can listen to it at home, use it while camping or take it on road trips. The unit is available in Red, Blue, Black, Green and also in Yellow!

To make your new dynamo solar cranking power radio fully operational, please follow the 4 simple steps included in the instructions!

Get more incredible detailed features on our website, linked above!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cincinnati's Gorilla Zoo Incident

It's time for humans to let free all the wild animals in our world. What gives us the right to take these precious souls from their habitat?

When will humans understand that animals need their freedom, like we do? They have families, territories, eat, sleep and play, just like us. When did we decide that we were better than them? Of course we are different, but that doesn't mean that we can go in their territory, take them to a place they are unfamiliar with and feed them meals they aren't used to.

The terrible incident of the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, is due to the barbaric mentality that humans rule and we are the most important species in our planet! We might rule within human interaction, but not with the entire world's species.

All Zoos should be taken down and animals, yes even gorillas, should be returned to their natural environment or territory. Be it on land or in water. Let's not be egocentric and think that we are the most important creatures in our planet. WE HAVE A LOT TO LEARN about our species and the beautiful animals we share it with, in this planet we call earth! Let's learn from the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

NEW: Tactical 320 Lumens Flashlight with UV LED’s and BLACK Light!

This tactical shockproof flashlight, doesn’t just have 160 or 200 Lumens like most newer units… It has 320 Lumens which puts out unbelievable brightness for viewing your surroundings.

The Tactical 320 Lumens Flashlight with UV LED’s, is the brightest tactical unit of it’s kind, on the market today. It’s built with military grade aluminum, which ensures durability. Besides that, it has 3 modes of light: 100%, 50% and BLACK light! BLACK light is convenient for detecting fake IDs, fake money, the presence of cocaine (which glows under the BLACK light) and even detects body fluids or blood!

This unit is also waterproof, which is perfect if you have car problems while on the road and need some lighting. It includes a convenient holster and wrist strap or landyard. This Tactical 320 Lumens Flashlight with UV LED’s, also includes a digital battery charger for 3 AAA batteries. The AAA Ni-MH Batteries are included, as well!

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