Friday, June 17, 2016

Mace® Pepper Sprays, Proven To Protect Women and Men From Attackers

The Mace® brand has been around for decades and it's no wonder that they are the first product people think of when they want to purchase an affordable self defense pepper spray!

At we sell Mace Pepper Spray in all shapes and sizes, like shown in the video above, plus others not shown in the video! Some of our units, such as the Pepper Gun, can reach up to 20 ft., others have sticky gel, foam that expands on an attacker's face, TEAR GAS and more! Many units are available disguised, so that an attacker might think it's a perfume, pen or a lipstick... Others are very small, like the 3.25" Mace Keyguard, that's also REFILLABLE!

Look through our website. We have a wide selection of self defense products, in different colors, shapes, reach, refillable and even units with tear gas! Most likely you will find the one that's perfect for you... Whether you're a woman or a man that needs a self defense unit!

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