Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Father's Day Gift: TASER Bolt, Black

Have you heard of the TASER Bolt? If you haven't, its the next generation of the TASER C2. This unit weighs less, only 7 ounces, has extra features and makes a great Father's Day Gift!
A lighter TASER is easier to use, especially when you are in a situation where speed is crucial. One of the features these units have, is the automatic 30 second tasing. It allows you to escape rapidly during an emergency, if you leave the unit while it's tasing an attacker on the ground, in order for you to escape safely. You see it will continue to automatically shock an attacker, for 30 more seconds, while you escape and leave the scene... You can later let TASER International, replace the unit for you, if you file a police report of the incident! Check out more features below.

TASER Bolt Black, for Father's Day Gift
- Reaches 15 feet away
- Weigh's only 10 ounces
- Small, only 5.50 inches long
- Includes stun gun backup for close proximity
- Laser aiming, places red dot on your attacker
- Deploy's cartridges without pushing you back
- Includes LED light for visibility
- No license needed to carry openly or concealed
- Includes 2 cartridges
- Includes practice target
- No messy cleaning required
- And More...

Best of all, there is no maintenance, like cleaning, which is a messy ordeal with firearms! Plus, as mentioned before, the lighter weight TASER Bolt, has automatic 30 second tasing while you escape and reaches 15 feet, as well... Perfect for a Father's Day Gift, to keep him safe!

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