Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mace® Compact Pepper Spray, With Convenient Keyring and REFILLABLE!

This small and easy to use unit, can be attached to your keyring and nobody will know it's really a Mace self defense pepper spray!
The Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray, offers discrete protection anywhere you go. It only measures 3.25 inches tall, but can shoot pepper spray, 5 feet away and contains 6 short blasts! The discrete unit has a simple cap, that when turned over, reveals a button which you press down, to shoot toward an attacker. When shooting the unit, it's best to aim toward the attacker's eyes...

Since the unit is small, it can also be refilled, no need to purchase another one! To refill it, you will need the Mace® Pepper Pen and Keyguard Refill. This refill canister has approximately 15 bursts!

The Mace KeyGuard Self Defense Spray is available in Pink or Black. But, if you purchase the Pink unit, Mace will donate a portion of the proceeds, to these three charitable organizations:

- The National Center for Victims of Crime
- Project Against Violent Encounters
- Casting for Recovery

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