Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cincinnati's Gorilla Zoo Incident

It's time for humans to let free all the wild animals in our world. What gives us the right to take these precious souls from their habitat?

When will humans understand that animals need their freedom, like we do? They have families, territories, eat, sleep and play, just like us. When did we decide that we were better than them? Of course we are different, but that doesn't mean that we can go in their territory, take them to a place they are unfamiliar with and feed them meals they aren't used to.

The terrible incident of the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, is due to the barbaric mentality that humans rule and we are the most important species in our planet! We might rule within human interaction, but not with the entire world's species.

All Zoos should be taken down and animals, yes even gorillas, should be returned to their natural environment or territory. Be it on land or in water. Let's not be egocentric and think that we are the most important creatures in our planet. WE HAVE A LOT TO LEARN about our species and the beautiful animals we share it with, in this planet we call earth! Let's learn from the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo!

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