Wednesday, June 1, 2016

NEW: Tactical 320 Lumens Flashlight with UV LED’s and BLACK Light!

This tactical shockproof flashlight, doesn’t just have 160 or 200 Lumens like most newer units… It has 320 Lumens which puts out unbelievable brightness for viewing your surroundings.

The Tactical 320 Lumens Flashlight with UV LED’s, is the brightest tactical unit of it’s kind, on the market today. It’s built with military grade aluminum, which ensures durability. Besides that, it has 3 modes of light: 100%, 50% and BLACK light! BLACK light is convenient for detecting fake IDs, fake money, the presence of cocaine (which glows under the BLACK light) and even detects body fluids or blood!

This unit is also waterproof, which is perfect if you have car problems while on the road and need some lighting. It includes a convenient holster and wrist strap or landyard. This Tactical 320 Lumens Flashlight with UV LED’s, also includes a digital battery charger for 3 AAA batteries. The AAA Ni-MH Batteries are included, as well!

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