Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Going on a Road Trip? You Will Need the Nap Zapper Driver Sleep Alarm!

Many people take road trips during the summer, and unfortunately, many people fall asleep at the wheel... At, we have a gadget that prevents drivers from falling asleep!

Our country has beautiful parks and other destinations... During the summer many of us hit the road to relax. A vacation with the family is always fun, but many people have a hard time staying awake while driving! Unfortunately, that's how many vehicle accidents occur.

We have a gadget called the; Nap Zapper Driver Sleep Alarm! This unit is reasonably priced, only $8.95 and very convenient for those summer escapades! The alarm goes off if the driver starts to nod forward, and can be heard by the driver as well as the passengers.

The Nap Zapper Driver Sleep Alarm is simple to use, just hang it on the ear of the person who is driving! Perfect for the summer vacation or any other time of the year. PLUS, it's also handy for security guards, machine operators and even for students that are falling asleep while cramming for tests!

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