Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Need Some Protection? Get the Small Fry Stun Gun with 11 Million Volts Rechargeable! Available in Black or Pink

This rubberized self defense unit is one of our most popular stun guns. It has incredible features and is available in Black as well as Pink!

This powerful self defense unit, offers 11 Million Volts of powerful protection against an attacker. It's called the Small Fry Stun Gun with 11 Million Volts Rechargeable and is available in Black or Pink and includes a Disable Pin, (in case the unit is taken from you, the attacker won't be able to use it against you)! Stun guns are non lethal and are used for personal protection. When using the unit, you simply have to touch, not push an attacker. Normally 3 to 5 seconds, will drop the individual and if you keep stunning them, they will eventually not be able to move much! Of course the immobility is temporary, so you need to leave the scene immediately!

Small Fry Blackout Stun Gun 11 Million Volts Rechargeable
- Plugs directly into a wall socket, no batteries required
- Rubberized exterior, protects you and the unit
- Aiming LED flashlight at attacker's eyes, disorients them
- Disable pin prevents unit from being used against you
- Disable plug allows the unit to be used at all times
- LED light allows you to know, when it's fully charged
- Includes attractive black holster
- Measures 3 1/2 inches x 2 1/8 inches x 7/8 inches
- Earned TOP GUN seal for superior strength and quality
- Lifetime warranty from manufacturer's defect

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