Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Longer Reach Stun Baton 12 Million Volts, Available in Purple, Pink, or Black!

These days, cops aren't the only ones that carry batons, civilians do as well... Women and men can carry them for self defense.
Batons provide extra distance from an attacker. At WomenOnGuard.com we have some affordable batons that can reach up to 12 inches away. But they aren't just regular archaic batons, these units are called the Stun Baton 12 Million Volts in purple, pink or black. They have an incredible 12 Million Volts, are also rubberized for firm grip, include shock side strips to prevent an attacker from taking it from you and can be charged by simply attaching it to a wall socket! These unit also has a flashlight that has a high beam, low beam and even a strobe light... Of course, the units also have a wrist strap. When the wrist strap is placed around your wrist and an attacker tries to take the unit from you, the baton will not work! The wrist strap needs to be attached to the unit for the weapon to stun. Plus, you also get a free nylon holster, perfect for women and men!

Take a confident stroll around your neighborhood block with your dog and your baton for self defense! This unit also has a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defects.

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