Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rape Lay, a video game encouraging rape and molestation

I could not believe my ears when I heard this morning about this new video game introduced to the USA by a Japanese video game maker. Illusion Software is a Japanese company that produces animated 3D pornography. A website that sells video games describes it as follows:

RapeLay is a molestation simulation that allows you to terrorize a woman and her two teenage daughters. Events in RapeLay range from groping on a train to gang rape and forced abortions.

RapeLay's gameplay is divided in three main parts:

Phase One
The games begins with the player following the victim on the train station. In this first phase one of the few thing you can do is pray the gods for a quick squall of winds that will blow up the victims skirt.

Phase Two
Once on the train the actual groping start, once the victim aroused the train will stop and the next phase of the game begins.

Phase Three
The third and final phase of every scene is the actual rape scene, NPC rapists can be called in to participate in the event. The location in which this happens varies with the victims. The actual location of the rape depends on the characters being raped. Yuuko's location is in the park, Aoi gets raped in a bathroom and Manaka in her bedroom.

There are also a Free Phase and a Pregnancy Phase... You get the idea.

I know there are many violent video games, but this one is just too much for me and I believe too much for our society as a whole. There needs to be some limit as to what games people can legally buy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Priest Pedophiles in Europe Overshadow Boy Scout Molestations in the USA

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Pope Benedict XVI, ignoring pedophile incidents committed by priests in the past. It is all over the news! Unfortunately the extensive coverage of what is happening abroad is taking away attention from what is happening here at home! In case you have not heard, the highly respected organization, The Boy Scouts of America, is in big trouble. Seems like they have knowingly kept confidential, a list of troop leaders, called "perversion files", that were child molesters. Some of these pedophiles are still active scout leaders. This has led to many molestations that could have been avoided if the Boy Scouts of America would have acted accordingly.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Pepper Spray, Shoots Powder Instead of Liquid

The new PepperBall HotShot™ uses a completely different concept for shooting hot pepper spray. This self defense weapon or product, sprays out a cloud of pepper powder instead of a stream of liquid.

There are several advantages to having HotShot pepper spray in powder versus conventional pepper spray, which is in liquid form. Listed below are a few.
  • Reaches a distance of 12 feet vs. liquid pepper spray's average of 5-7 feet.
  • Creates a white cloud between you and an attacker, a visible barrier to help you escape.
  • Cloud of pepper powder shoots toward attacker, who immediately inhales it. More effective than liquid.
  • Can be shot sideways or upside down, unlike liquid spray that needs to be upright.
  • Makes an intimidating loud sound when deployed
  • Legal in all states except NY. Liquid pepper spray has state restrictions in NY, MA, MI and WI.
The PepperBall HotShot™ is small, only 6 inches long, it's light, just 3.4 ounces and very easy to use. It comes in a starter kit that includes:
  • HotShot™ Launcher Module
  • 1 Practice Cartridge (Blue)
  • 1 Hot Pepper Powder Cartridge (Red)
  • Practice Target
  • Instructional DVD
  • User Practice Guide
There always will be liquid pepper spray, but now we have the option of picking from liquid or powder form and it's always nice to have alternatives.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Use Self Defense Products if You Take Public Transportation

If you are one of those people who depends on public transportation to go to work or school, you know how scary it can be sometimes. I used to take the fast transit system in Atlanta, GA and knew way back in 1988 that I needed some sort of weapon, I could rely on, for my personal protection. Arriving at my neighborhood station was not really an issue. My dilemma was leaving the station and walking to my car in the dark on winter nights. It was usually parked 2 blocks away from the train station. It didn't take long for me to decide to purchase my first stun gun! I felt like a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It was the first night I walked to my car with a weapon I could rely on. All the fear just rolled off my shoulders and I was able to actually enjoy the fresh air while walking to my car!

Personal security is vital to have whether you take the train or a bus to work. During the night hours, it is even more important. You can carry a stun gun or something as simple as a pepper spray. Citizens can actually even carry citizen tasers now! Whether you are a woman or a man, thieves or criminals will take advantage of the visual disadvantage and assault or steal from you at night. That doesn't mean that you couldn't also be taken advantage of in broad daylight!

Now more than ever, it is very easy to purchase stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers or personal alarms. Thanks to the Internet, there are many websites that offer all kinds of non lethal, self defense products. There are many types of pepper spray, in all shapes and sizes. Pepper spray now, even comes in powder form or disguised as other objects, such as pens or pagers! There are a lot of stun guns to choose from too. They come in different voltages and shapes as well as disguised. Tasers come in different shapes and colors as well.

Don't put off your personal safety. Most non lethal, self defense products, are very reasonably priced and worth spending the money on. Especially when your life could depend on it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Buy a Taser Instead of a Gun

There are several advantages to buying a Taser over a gun or firearm. The main advantage is that it is non lethal. In other words, you most likely will kill a person with a gun but you won't with a Taser. This brings peace of mind to many. Plus, if you are ever in a situation that an attacker turns the weapon against you, the worst case scenario would be that they would electrically shock you and not kill you!

Maintenance is another reason why you should buy a Taser and not a Gun. A gun needs to be cleaned of gun powder on a regular basis, to keep it functioning properly. This is a messy and smelly task that you won't have to do with a Taser. All three citizen models, the Taser C2, Taser X26c and Taser M26c, are maintenance free.

Aiming is a critical factor to consider for a self defense product. Let's face it most people have lousy aim. It won't do you any good to have a self defense weapon if you can't aim properly. Most guns do not have an accessory to facilitate this issue. All citizen Tasers have laser sight (you can request no laser with only the Taser C2 in Black). Laser sight is a red beam of light that shows up as a red dot on whomever you are trying to aim at. This laser turns on automatically when you pull back the trigger safety cover or safety switch, depending on the model. You don't have to have perfect aim to use a Taser!

Visibility plays a large role in self defense. Again, most firearms do not come with an accessory to help with seeing where you are shooting. All Tasers come with a LED light, that again, turns on automatically when you pull pack the trigger safety cover or safety switch.

Strength determines many times if you are able to reach your target. Shooting a firearm requires a person to have substantial strength when pulling the trigger. The trigger is really not the issue here, but the kickback that comes afterwards is. Many people, especially women, are thrown back considerably when they shoot a gun, even a small one. This leads to missing the intended target. You don't have to be very strong to use a Taser. It doesn't have a kickback!

For these 5 reasons mentioned, it's no wonder that more and more people are purchasing Tasers, instead of firearems or guns as weapons! The best part is that with this less lethal, self defense device, there will be fewer casualties!

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