Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lightning Rod Stun Flashlight 26 Million Volts!

This incredible unit has 26 million volts of self defense. It's mall and simple to use against an attacker. Plus it only cost's $39.95

This unit is small, perfect for keeping it in a purse or pocket! It works as a stun gun and also includes a flashlight. The 26 million volt stun gun part can drop a bad intentioned individual, by simply touching them with the unit. No need to push! PLUS, it's also an incredible flashlight 180 lumen XPE LED.

The 180 lumen flashlight unit includes 5 light modes: high, medium, low, strobe and SOS! Very few flashlights have SOS lights. The Lightning Rod Stun Flashlight 26 Million Volts also has a unique shape, it's square... This prevents it from rolling away!

Don't forget that you can use it as a self defense Stun Gun as well!

Of course it's rechargeable, just plugs into a convenient wall socket. It also includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacturer's defects. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Stun Baton w/ Flashlight 20 Million Volts, Perfect for Home Security or Walking Outdoors at Night!

This 20 Million Volts unit measures 14 3/4" x 1 1/2. A perfect distance from a home intruder or an attacker outdoors.

This stun baton is perfect for shining the bright LED light into an intruder's eyes or attacker. The light contains 120 Lumens that you can shine into an intruder's eyes, temporarily blinding them. Or course, the Stun Baton w/Flashlight 20 Million Volts, will drop them to the ground and render them immobile for a few minutes! This, of course, offers you an opportunity to escape safely. Of course, you can also take it outdoors during the night for extra protection, when perhaps you need to relieve your dog, before going to bed... Plus, it's made with aircraft quality aluminum, strongest material known to men! See more details below:

Stun Baton w/ Flashlight 20 Million Volts Features
20 million volts of takedown power
• Unit exterior is made with aircraft aluminum
LED Flashlight contains 120 lumens
Handle is rubberized for firm grip
• Includes a handy wrist strap
• A charge cord is included
A Belt clip is also included
• Measures: 14 3/4" x 1 1/2"
• Lifetime Warranty from manufacture's defect

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Smallest Keychain Stun Gun with Key Ring 20 Million Volts

Talk about being discrete! This small unit with 20 million volts, can be hidden in your hand. Plus, you wouldn't think that a unit so small, can stop an attacker... But it does!

This discrete stun gun unit only measures 3.25 x 0.75 x 0.50 inches, but it includes a whopping 20 Million Volts of takedown power. Perfect for self defense... Simply touching an attacker, will drop them to the ground and render them temporarily motionless! Just keep touching until he or she is on the ground. This gives you an opportunity to escape safely.

Smallest Keychain Stun Gun with Key Ring 20 Million Volts Features
20 Million volts of takedown power toward an attacker
• Very small and discrete: 3.25 x 0.75 x 0.50 inches
• Rechargeable: cord, wall or car charger
• Includes slide activation switch
Stun gun is very light, only 0.25 pounds
• Includes two levels of safety from accidental discharge
• Has built-in USB port with included charging cord
• Built in keyring to attach to a keychain
• Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer's defects

Monday, May 22, 2017

Keychain Personal Alarm with LED Light 130dB, in Blue and Only Cost's $9.99

It's cute when you see it... But it also can save a life by emitting an ear piercing screech alarm of 130dB which notifies others that someone is in danger or in need of help!

This remarkable personal alarm is the most popular unit in our store. It's not because it only cost's $9.99, but also because the screech it omits to notify others, is the loudest allowed by the law, for civilians to use! The Keychain Personal Alarm with Light 130dB, is perfect for college students, especially because they can notify campus police or others, that they are in danger by simply pushing a button! It includes 2 small white buttons. One is for an LED light and the other is to sound a 130dB alarm! It's also convenient for seniors and the handicapped, as well.

This unit also contains a key ring for conveniently attaching it to a backpack or purse. The unit only measures2 3/4" x 1 34" x 1". It's easily attached to a backpack or even inserted in a small pocket! PLUS, don't forget that besides it emitting a 130dB alarm, it also has a convenient keychain and and LED light. Perfect for college students, seniors and the handicapped and only cost's $9.99!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Summer Is Around The Corner And The Outdoors Is Where You Want To Be!

The month of June is getting closer and that means college will be out and the weather is perfect for being outdoors!

Many people are outdoors during the summer and more active. Some ride bikes, take long walks, or run, among other activities. With all the energy taking place, sometimes it gets ruined. Either because someone picks your pocket, steals your iPhone or pushes you...

But most of the time summer is FUN! It's the time of the year were people become more active and with all the activities, come some essentials, like the perfect Exercise Sports Package! It includes 3 items that are essential for the outdoors: Mace, Bicycle Headlight and Personal Alarm.

Mace Jogger Pepper Spray - Perfect for running, jogging, hiking, biking, more.
Bicycle Headlight - Very convenient for night time trips or errands.
Mini Personal Panic Alarm - Let's others know that you are in trouble.

Check out more details regarding this Exercise Sports Package for the outdoors and let others know about it!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

June, Is Storm Season, Are You Ready For It?

As every year, our planet adds a little excitement when it comes to the weather. Are you ready for hurricanes and tornados during June, July and August?

It happens every year, there is a rush to prepare for the storms. Along with it, is making sure your home is secure and you have enough food and water. It's also important to have information about the weather, during this time... That's where the Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered comes in very handy. If you don't have a multi-functional radio, you might not know what's happening during these stormy months. At we have the perfect radios for you to keep track of the storms that you might encounter during the summer! These Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered units are perfect to inform you of what's happening outside. Read their features below!

Emergency Disaster Radio, 6-Way Powered
• Dynamo Cranking Power, NI-MH batteries
• Includes solar panel power
• Can also use AA batteries
• Includes a built in rechargeable battery pack
• AC adapter charge from 3.5 mm Jack 
• Charges from a computer via USB port
• 5 LED reading lamp for camping emergencies
• White LED flashlight
• Red LED blinking for emergency alert
• Has AM, FM, SW1, SW2, Weather Band Alert

Perfect for all year round and very convenient when Mother Nature get's nasty!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SABRE Drink Test Kits - 5 Pack with 10 Tests to Prevent Date Rape!

If you are a woman that goes to nightclubs or bars, you are more likely to become intoxicated by tampered drinks such as GHB and Ketamine. 

There are men that take advantage of women and can place a drug into your drink, without you knowing it! Of course, the reason for this is because they want to rape you! At, we have a little envelope that includes 5 test strips, each of which has 2 per strips. A total of 10 tests altogether! It's called: SABRE Drink Test Kits - (5 Pack) each with 20 tests to Prevent Date Rape! A total of 50 tests!

Women need protection in nightclubs or bars and these little cards are a good defense against date rape with GHB and Ketamine! It’s small and easy to use, as well. Just place a drop on each both circles of the black oval, wait for it to dry and check! It’s best to go to the ladies room to do the test! If the spot turns a darker blue color, the drink might be jeopardized by a “date rape” drug!!! (The most common drugs used by rapists in bars are: GHB and Ketamine)

We also have another Test Kit available called: Drink Guard, with 20 tests!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Knight Light Stun Flashlight with 25 Million Volts of Self Defense

This small unit, can be carried easily in your hand, pocket or purse. Flashlight has 180 lumens and the unit includes 25 Million Volts of takedown power!

This is a small and simple to use non lethal unit… You can carry it anywhere and feel confident that you have protection! An attacker might think you are carrying a simple flashlight, but if he gets a little too close, let him know who’s in charge with 25 million volts of takedown power. The Knight Light Stun Flashlight 25 Million Volts, has many incredible features you don’t want to be without! Yet, it’s a non lethal unit. Read more.

Knight Light Stun Flashlight Features 

• XPE Cree LED and a newly-designed high voltage ignition coil
• Non lethal, Powerful stun gun for protection from attackers
• Bright LED Flashlight
• Shock proof and military grade aluminum exterior
• 5 Light modes: high, medium, low, strobe and SOS
• Recharges when inserted in a wall socket
• Includes Lifetime Warranty
• Includes FREE shipping

Consider this small, handy unit with a flashlight and 25 Million volts of self defense against attackers, for your protection!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Jolt Mini Stun Gun with 46 Million Volts, Available in Purple, Pink and Black

These units are the most powerful stun guns we have on our website... They include incredible features you will love!

If you are searching for a self defense unit that you can rely on, look no further. Our website has the new Jolt Strongest Mini Stun Gun 46 Million Volts, in purple, pink or black. Perfect for women or men, college students, seniors and the handicapped. These powerful units will temporarily take down an individual. Simply touching, not pushing a person, will drop them to the ground! Keep touching them with the unit and they will quickly fall to the ground and become incoherent... Allowing you to escape safely.

The Jolt Mini Stun Gun with 46 Million Volts Features
Strongest in the market
• Bright LED light, temporarily blinds a person
Includes built in charger, no batteries necessary
Metal disable pin, if attacker takes it from you, it won't work
• Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
• Rubberized, so it won't slide from your hand
• Comes with a free black nylon holster
• Available in purple, pink or black
• Includes a 5 year warranty

Again, it's perfect for women or men, college students, seniors and the handicapped.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Mother's Day Gift: Non Lethal Mace Pepper Gun!

Did you know that Mace offers powerful pepper guns that can reach up to 20 feet away, contain 6 to 7 huge blasts, can be refilled and only cost's $59.99? Perfect for a Mother's Day Gift!

The Mace Pepper Gun Defense Spray with Strobe LED have been around for a while. They are very dependable and include replaceable cartridges, unlike simple pepper spray that you have to purchase an entire new unit of pepper spray for self defense!

The Mace Pepper Gun Defense Spray with Strobe LED is perfect for a Mother's Day Gift. It's packaged with 2 cartridges: one with water for practice and one with hot pepper spray. You can spray it for a short distance or you can shoot the whole cartridge in one big burst! It's up to how long you press the trigger. The LED light is very convenient to shine into an attacker's eyes, temporarily blinding him or her... PLUS, unlike regular pepper spray containers, this unit can be sprayed sideways or even upside down!

The Mace Pepper Gun Defense Spray with Strobe LED can be refilled with extra cartridges, when you run out of the first ones. Refills of pepper spray or water for practice, are sold separately.

A unique and perfect Mother's Day Gift, to protect her!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother's Day Gift: Mace, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Personal Alarms and More!

Mother's Day is on May 15th! Have you purchased a gift for her yet? Consider one that can protect your Mother from bad intentioned individuals!

At we have many unique gifts for your mom on Mother's Day. Don't give her boring flowers or candy, get her something she needs for her protection! We have many self defense units that she will love: Mace, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Tasers, Batons, Personal Alarms, Drink Guard and MORE!

Check out our huge selection of self defense products at Some are disguised, like Lipstick Pepper Sprays. They are good for closeup situations... If a pushy man tries to get closer than she likes, have her tell him that she wants to freshen up, then open the cap of the Mace Lipstick Pepper Spray and shoot the spray into their eyes! It will hurt like hell and he will have to close his eyes from all the pain... Giving her a chance to escape. We also have stun guns to drop an attacker by just touching them with the unit. One of our stun guns like the Ladies Choice Stun Guns with 21 Million Volts, also include a 120dB alarm, as well!

All our stun gun units are easy to charge, some of the pepper sprays include TEAR GAS and some like the Mace Screecher, emit a loud sound for help, if your mom is in danger or falls down!

Feel free to browse our website for self defense units and contact us if you have any questions regarding a Mother's Day Gift or any other product.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mother's Day Gift: Mace® Triple Action with Tear Gas Defense Spray!

Not all pepper sprays are alike... These Mace Pepper Spray units make great gifts and are available in 3 sizes, furthermore they also contain TEAR GAS!

Mace Pepper Spray has been around for decades. Your mother probably used it when she was a teenager. Now a days all women should carry protection because of all the rapist, attackers and sick people addicted to drugs!

Depending on what units you purchase for a Mother's Day Gift, these Mace Pepper Spray units can shoot 10-20 one second bursts and spray from 8-12 feet away! Remember that these units contain TEAR GAS, most other units do not...

Pepper spray alone will burn an attacker's eyes and entire face and can even penetrate into their lungs. Can you imagine what it would do if you add TEAR GAS? Although it hurts like hell, it won't damage their eyes or face, but they will cry like a baby! PLUS, all these units include an Invisible UV Marking Dye, that facilitates police in capturing a rapist or attacker. Police can place the individual under a UV Lamp and verify if they have been pepper sprayed!

Let her know you want her to be safe and give her a Mace Pepper Spray for a Mother's Day Gift... She will love you for it and also be protected wherever she goes!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Mother's Day Gift: Combs or Brushes with Hidden Knife!

Most women usually have a brush or a comb in their purse. But these brushes and combs also include a hidden KNIFE!

Your mother doesn't need instructions for this Mother's Day Gift. They are simple to use and disguised. So no one will know that she is carrying a knife for self defense! A perfect Mother's Day Gift!

Disguised units bring an element of surprise to a would be attacker. These new items on our website include combs and brushes in pink or black. We have two categories: plastic combs and brushes with strong ABS plastic OR... ones with plastic handle that include a 4.25 inch blade (not plastic) and a serrated blade toward the tip of a real knife!

These disguised units that bring an element of surprise to a would be attacker, are easy to use. All your mom has to do is separate the handle from the comb or the brush and stab!

No batteries required, for this self defense unit with a 4.25 inch blade... She won't have to worry about adding anything else. As simple as that! Have her carry these units in her purse at all times, especially during the evening hours.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mother's Day Gift: The TASER Pulse

Impress your mother with a weapon she can use that protects her. Consider her safety and give her the TASER Pulse for a mother's day gift!

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it's time to figure out what present to give her! Don't go with the regular candy, give her something that can protect her and is non-lethal... Impress her with a weapon that won't kill, but will stop an attacker, drop him or her to the ground and give her ample time to escape safely.

We are talking about the TASER Pulse! Your mom will love it, because it isn't a lethal weapon, yet it it has powerful features that will save your mom's life. Your mother doesn't want to kill a person that can land her in jail by using a firearm. Nope, she prefers a TASER Pulse which is small, non lethal and has incredible features:

TASER Pulse Features
• Non lethal weapon
• Easy laser aiming, offers red dot for accuracy
• 15 Feet of protection
• Small unit, perfect for women's hands
• LED flashlight to temporarily blind attacker
Can be used as a stun gun backup
• Auto 30 sec. stunning if set down
• No kickback, hurting shoulder
• No gun powder cleaning

PLUS: TASER International will replace the unit if stollen. All she has to do is show a police record of the incident and TASER will give her a new unit!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mother's Day Gift: Mace Lipstick Pepper Sprays

What better defense for your Mother, than to give her a Mace Pepper Spray, for her protection against rapists or attackers?

Mace has been around for DECADES and it's better now than it used to be for your mom's mom! You know that a product works, if it's still around... Perfect for a Mother's Day Gift!

The above units are very easy to use. If an attacker tries to hurt your mother, all she has to do, is take the top cap off and press down the white button. Let her know that it's best to aim at the eyes. has 9 disguised lipstick pepper sprays made by Mace. The above units can spray as far as 10 feet away and contain 5 one-second bursts. These units all shoot a thin stream. This is to prevent the spray from flying back at your mother's eyes and face.

Surprise your mom with a Mother's Day Gift that she really needs! A disguised Mace Lipstick Pepper Spray for protection.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mother’s Day Gift: Jolt Strongest Mini Stun Gun 46 MILLION VOLTS of Power!

If you have a mother and she doesn’t carry some kind of protection with her… She might be risking getting attacked by a rapist or killer, in this day and age.

It sounds extreme, but raping or killing goes on 24/7 in our country. In fact the RAINN.ORG studies show that every 98 Seconds, a person (mostly women), gets sexually assaulted in our country.

Knowing these figures, it’s prudent to purchase for your Mom, a self defense unit. At we have an incredible line of self defense products. Included are Mace, Pepper Spray, Stun guns, Personal Alarms, TASERS, and Police Force units! Plus we also have Survival Gear for you adventurist souls!

For example: The Jolt Strongest Mini Stun Gun 46 MILLION VOLTS of Power, is an excellent unit for a Mother's Day gift, to keep her safe! In fact it’s the most powerful unit we have on our website.

Jolt Strongest Mini Stun Gun 46 Million Volts Features
• Jolt Strongest Mini Stun Gun 46 MILLION VOLTS
• Triple technology (3 separate points)
• Metal disable pin wrist strap, prevents attacker from using unit against you
• Built in charger, plugs into wall socket
• Safety switch to prevent children from using it
• Rubberized exterior protects unit and cannot slip from fingers
• Free nylon holster is included
• 5 Year Warranty is included
• Units are available in Purple, Pink and Black

All your Mother has to do, is turn the unit on and touch an attacker or rapist. She needs to keep touching (not pushing), until they fall to the ground and become incoherent. Then, she should leave the scene immediately!

A perfect Mother's Day gift that she will remember and carry everywhere she goes for self defense!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Mother’s Day Gift: Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, on May 14th! She helped you grow up and become independent… Now it’s your turn to keep her safe. 

We know how much mothers sacrifice for their children and Mother’s Day is one way to show our gratitude to the woman who helped you grow up and become completely independent.

Make her smile with a unique gift, she will never forget; the Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender! This one of a kind unit, sprays pepper spray up to 18 feet away and includes an LED light, to aim at an attacker’s eyes. All your mother has to do is aim at their face or eyes and watch them cry like a baby! The Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender can reach 8 to 10 feet. The GEL, unlike the liquid units, will stick longer on their face, making it even more devastating for the attacker. This allows her to leave the scene safely… The best gift she will ever have! Of course, it also can be used during the day, as well!

Of course, like other units, it also includes a UV Marking Dye. This dye will confirm to authorities that they captured the right individual, if apprehended, by placing the attacker under a UV Lamp.

WOW, your mother this Mother’s Day, with this incredible self defense unit with LED light… Let her know that you care and appreciate, how she took care of you!

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