Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mother’s Day Gift: Jolt Strongest Mini Stun Gun 46 MILLION VOLTS of Power!

If you have a mother and she doesn’t carry some kind of protection with her… She might be risking getting attacked by a rapist or killer, in this day and age.

It sounds extreme, but raping or killing goes on 24/7 in our country. In fact the RAINN.ORG studies show that every 98 Seconds, a person (mostly women), gets sexually assaulted in our country.

Knowing these figures, it’s prudent to purchase for your Mom, a self defense unit. At WomenOnGuard.com we have an incredible line of self defense products. Included are Mace, Pepper Spray, Stun guns, Personal Alarms, TASERS, and Police Force units! Plus we also have Survival Gear for you adventurist souls!

For example: The Jolt Strongest Mini Stun Gun 46 MILLION VOLTS of Power, is an excellent unit for a Mother's Day gift, to keep her safe! In fact it’s the most powerful unit we have on our website.

Jolt Strongest Mini Stun Gun 46 Million Volts Features
• Jolt Strongest Mini Stun Gun 46 MILLION VOLTS
• Triple technology (3 separate points)
• Metal disable pin wrist strap, prevents attacker from using unit against you
• Built in charger, plugs into wall socket
• Safety switch to prevent children from using it
• Rubberized exterior protects unit and cannot slip from fingers
• Free nylon holster is included
• 5 Year Warranty is included
• Units are available in Purple, Pink and Black

All your Mother has to do, is turn the unit on and touch an attacker or rapist. She needs to keep touching (not pushing), until they fall to the ground and become incoherent. Then, she should leave the scene immediately!

A perfect Mother's Day gift that she will remember and carry everywhere she goes for self defense!

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