Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mother's Day Gift: The TASER Pulse

Impress your mother with a weapon she can use that protects her. Consider her safety and give her the TASER Pulse for a mother's day gift!

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it's time to figure out what present to give her! Don't go with the regular candy, give her something that can protect her and is non-lethal... Impress her with a weapon that won't kill, but will stop an attacker, drop him or her to the ground and give her ample time to escape safely.

We are talking about the TASER Pulse! Your mom will love it, because it isn't a lethal weapon, yet it it has powerful features that will save your mom's life. Your mother doesn't want to kill a person that can land her in jail by using a firearm. Nope, she prefers a TASER Pulse which is small, non lethal and has incredible features:

TASER Pulse Features
• Non lethal weapon
• Easy laser aiming, offers red dot for accuracy
• 15 Feet of protection
• Small unit, perfect for women's hands
• LED flashlight to temporarily blind attacker
Can be used as a stun gun backup
• Auto 30 sec. stunning if set down
• No kickback, hurting shoulder
• No gun powder cleaning

PLUS: TASER International will replace the unit if stollen. All she has to do is show a police record of the incident and TASER will give her a new unit!

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