Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hidden Safes for Today's Economy!

Not trusting banks with your money lately? Are you cashing your checks and avoiding bank deposits?

If you feel like most Americans do, nowadays, and you are trying to use more cash than checks and credit cards, this information might help you manage some of your money.

One of the things that might give you some peace of mind in today's economy, is having a hidden safe for your money, in your house, business or even college dorm! We aren't talking about those expensive wall holes that would cost you an arm and a leg. Most people can't afford them! We are talking about hidden safes that look like common things you have around your home or office. Disguised safes have been around for years and they may be more useful in today's economy.

Hidden safes can look like a simple soda can, wall clock, book or even a hair brush. These are perfect for hiding a roll of cash! Some people also use them to store jewelry too. They are also handy to hide important keys. In fact we also have hidden safes that look like a rock, where you can hide an extra set of keys, if you get locked out of your house!

It's nice to have some cash around the house in this economy, especially when people don't know you have it!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Alarms for Mothers with Wandering Toddlers

Are you a mother with a toddler or do you know someone that is?

It's very common to hear about mothers losing their toddlers in department stores. A child is just as excited as the mother, about what's in the store! Toddlers, specifically, go haywire in stores because there are so many colors and so much action happening around them. We all have seen mothers going around in stores with a leash attached to their toddler, to prevent them from leaving their side. I don't know about you, but is seems a little degrading to have toddlers on safety leashes... Fortunately there is a better solution to this safety problem.

The Child Safety Panda Alarm is not a leash. Mothers don't have to tie their toddlers down. Instead, they hear a constantly beeping alarm that notifies them if their small one exceeds the monitored area. All mothers have to do is attach the small monitor on their keychain and place the alarm transmitter on their infant's wrist. The Child Panda Alarm can be adjusted from 3 to 21 feet!

Read more about other features this great child safety device has to offer, by clicking on the link above.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Women On Guard™ Pepper Spray Donation to Arizona Women’s Sexual Assault Center

Women On Guard donated pepper spray to the Northern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault. Step by step, they are slowly helping women, to be safer across the country.

Oakland Park, FL, February 22nd 2012. This is the 25th donation from this Certified WBENC, Women’s Business Enterprise, to a women’s sexual assault center or similar cause. The website was initiated in October of 2006.

The Northern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault (NACASA) has 13 locations throughout northern Arizona. They provide medical, forensic examinations and Rape Kits, in a calm, quiet and confidential setting. NACASA also provides medication to stop sexually transmitted infections, plus emergency contraception. Sexual assault survivor support service, mental health counseling and support groups are also available.  For more information about NACASA go to their website.

Susan Eaton and Martha Z. Martinez, co-owners of Women On Guard, mentioned, "On a daily basis, American women are sexually assaulted or beaten every few minutes all over our country. We hear about foreign countries on how men rape women, but neglect to face our culpability on how we treat our own women in the USA. The violence is so often, that the newscasters, just ignore most of these crimes. That’s where the problem becomes worse. Because ignoring it, just makes it okay for rapists and domestic violence abusers, to get away with it.” Susan went on to say, “Our court system also needs to change regarding how these horrible crimes are punished. Many of these domestic violence and sexual assault offenders, are let back out into society, way too soon. Not only that, but they go out into society and repeat the same offense, over and over again. Going back and forth in and out of prison and the streets is not a solution. Sexual assault offenders in particular are known to be repeat offenders.” is very aware of the many assaults. They receive many phone calls from customers, explaining how rampant this violence is and how fearful these women are. Many callers are actual victims themselves of rape or domestic violence or know of someone that was a victim and that is in need of a self defense product. sells non-lethal self defense products or weapons such as Mace, pepper spray, stun guns, personal alarms and even Tasers. The website includes safety tips, hotlines and a Blog. Women On Guard, as mentioned before, also donates on a regular basis to a women’s crisis center or similar cause, across the nation.

Monday, February 6, 2012

How Safe is Your Daughter at College?

When most parents send their daughters to a university, what they think mostly of, is how well will she do in her classes and how much it's going to cost financially. Unfortunately parents don't think about how safe their daughters will be, unless they hear about some rapist, attacking college women.

Most statistics point out that 1 in every 4 women in college becomes a rape victim. 38% Of the time, the rapist is someone your daughter might know. Freshman and sophomores' first few weeks are one of the most dangerous times for college women. Alcohol plays a significant factor because 90% of the time rapes occur, alcohol is involved. Plus, this is the most disturbing of all figures, only 10% of college women, report the rapist.

Women On Guard, being aware of this, has a special safety package deal for students that attend higher education facilities. We offer a package that can help your daughter defend herself, on campus and in her dorm. It's the top item in our Package Deals category, the "College Safety Package". It consists of a 17% pepper concentration pepper spray, a 1.2 million volts rechargeable stun gun pen and a 120 db keychain personal alarm. You can read the details on each item, by clicking on the link above.

We hope that every parent will consider their daughter's safety along with her other achievements, and encourage other parents to do the same.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Doctors and Medical Staff Committing Sexual Assault

Hal Weston
What is it lately, that some medical staff are being arrested for committing sexual assault? Last week there was an ER Tech, Hal Weston, arrested for allegedly taking advantage and sodomizing an unconscious male patient under anesthesia in Utah. Today in the news there was a doctor from Connecticut, Edwin A. Njoku, M.D., that was accused of committing sexual assault on a female patient and then trying to shut her up by bribing her.
Edwin A. Njoku

I know there are laws in place for gynecologists to have an extra staff member in the room when they perform exams. Does this law apply to all doctors? You would think so. If this doctor is charged with the crime, should he also face repercussions for not having a 3rd party present when the examination took place?

I guess us women are going to have to start carrying pepper spray to our doctor's offices too! And no, I don't mean this as a joke, seriously.

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