Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hidden Safes for Today's Economy!

Not trusting banks with your money lately? Are you cashing your checks and avoiding bank deposits?

If you feel like most Americans do, nowadays, and you are trying to use more cash than checks and credit cards, this information might help you manage some of your money.

One of the things that might give you some peace of mind in today's economy, is having a hidden safe for your money, in your house, business or even college dorm! We aren't talking about those expensive wall holes that would cost you an arm and a leg. Most people can't afford them! We are talking about hidden safes that look like common things you have around your home or office. Disguised safes have been around for years and they may be more useful in today's economy.

Hidden safes can look like a simple soda can, wall clock, book or even a hair brush. These are perfect for hiding a roll of cash! Some people also use them to store jewelry too. They are also handy to hide important keys. In fact we also have hidden safes that look like a rock, where you can hide an extra set of keys, if you get locked out of your house!

It's nice to have some cash around the house in this economy, especially when people don't know you have it!
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