Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Women On Guard™ Pepper Spray Donation to Arizona Women’s Sexual Assault Center

Women On Guard donated pepper spray to the Northern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault. Step by step, they are slowly helping women, to be safer across the country.

Oakland Park, FL, February 22nd 2012. This is the 25th donation from this Certified WBENC, Women’s Business Enterprise, to a women’s sexual assault center or similar cause. The website was initiated in October of 2006.

The Northern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault (NACASA) has 13 locations throughout northern Arizona. They provide medical, forensic examinations and Rape Kits, in a calm, quiet and confidential setting. NACASA also provides medication to stop sexually transmitted infections, plus emergency contraception. Sexual assault survivor support service, mental health counseling and support groups are also available.  For more information about NACASA go to their website.

Susan Eaton and Martha Z. Martinez, co-owners of Women On Guard, mentioned, "On a daily basis, American women are sexually assaulted or beaten every few minutes all over our country. We hear about foreign countries on how men rape women, but neglect to face our culpability on how we treat our own women in the USA. The violence is so often, that the newscasters, just ignore most of these crimes. That’s where the problem becomes worse. Because ignoring it, just makes it okay for rapists and domestic violence abusers, to get away with it.” Susan went on to say, “Our court system also needs to change regarding how these horrible crimes are punished. Many of these domestic violence and sexual assault offenders, are let back out into society, way too soon. Not only that, but they go out into society and repeat the same offense, over and over again. Going back and forth in and out of prison and the streets is not a solution. Sexual assault offenders in particular are known to be repeat offenders.” is very aware of the many assaults. They receive many phone calls from customers, explaining how rampant this violence is and how fearful these women are. Many callers are actual victims themselves of rape or domestic violence or know of someone that was a victim and that is in need of a self defense product. sells non-lethal self defense products or weapons such as Mace, pepper spray, stun guns, personal alarms and even Tasers. The website includes safety tips, hotlines and a Blog. Women On Guard, as mentioned before, also donates on a regular basis to a women’s crisis center or similar cause, across the nation.
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