Friday, February 24, 2012

Alarms for Mothers with Wandering Toddlers

Are you a mother with a toddler or do you know someone that is?

It's very common to hear about mothers losing their toddlers in department stores. A child is just as excited as the mother, about what's in the store! Toddlers, specifically, go haywire in stores because there are so many colors and so much action happening around them. We all have seen mothers going around in stores with a leash attached to their toddler, to prevent them from leaving their side. I don't know about you, but is seems a little degrading to have toddlers on safety leashes... Fortunately there is a better solution to this safety problem.

The Child Safety Panda Alarm is not a leash. Mothers don't have to tie their toddlers down. Instead, they hear a constantly beeping alarm that notifies them if their small one exceeds the monitored area. All mothers have to do is attach the small monitor on their keychain and place the alarm transmitter on their infant's wrist. The Child Panda Alarm can be adjusted from 3 to 21 feet!

Read more about other features this great child safety device has to offer, by clicking on the link above.
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