Monday, February 6, 2012

How Safe is Your Daughter at College?

When most parents send their daughters to a university, what they think mostly of, is how well will she do in her classes and how much it's going to cost financially. Unfortunately parents don't think about how safe their daughters will be, unless they hear about some rapist, attacking college women.

Most statistics point out that 1 in every 4 women in college becomes a rape victim. 38% Of the time, the rapist is someone your daughter might know. Freshman and sophomores' first few weeks are one of the most dangerous times for college women. Alcohol plays a significant factor because 90% of the time rapes occur, alcohol is involved. Plus, this is the most disturbing of all figures, only 10% of college women, report the rapist.

Women On Guard, being aware of this, has a special safety package deal for students that attend higher education facilities. We offer a package that can help your daughter defend herself, on campus and in her dorm. It's the top item in our Package Deals category, the "College Safety Package". It consists of a 17% pepper concentration pepper spray, a 1.2 million volts rechargeable stun gun pen and a 120 db keychain personal alarm. You can read the details on each item, by clicking on the link above.

We hope that every parent will consider their daughter's safety along with her other achievements, and encourage other parents to do the same.
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