Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Doctors and Medical Staff Committing Sexual Assault

Hal Weston
What is it lately, that some medical staff are being arrested for committing sexual assault? Last week there was an ER Tech, Hal Weston, arrested for allegedly taking advantage and sodomizing an unconscious male patient under anesthesia in Utah. Today in the news there was a doctor from Connecticut, Edwin A. Njoku, M.D., that was accused of committing sexual assault on a female patient and then trying to shut her up by bribing her.
Edwin A. Njoku

I know there are laws in place for gynecologists to have an extra staff member in the room when they perform exams. Does this law apply to all doctors? You would think so. If this doctor is charged with the crime, should he also face repercussions for not having a 3rd party present when the examination took place?

I guess us women are going to have to start carrying pepper spray to our doctor's offices too! And no, I don't mean this as a joke, seriously.
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